Sinatra suggestions

Newbie poster here on the forums, but been a lurker since joining the A'gon a couple years ago.

I'm a big fan of 70s & 80s rock, but trying to broaden my musical tastes. I heard some Sinatra recently at a wedding reception that I really liked, but have no idea what the songs/albums were. I'm looking for album suggestions that have more lively tunes, I like the songs with a lot of horns.

I recently bought a MFSL copy of "Nice 'n Easy". The title track is really appealing, and the rest is good too but a tad slow for my taste. I have young kids, so when I get still and the music is slow, I tend to fall asleep. I've thought about getting "Live at the Sands", but figured I might first ask for advice from the folks on the forums. Thanks for any recommendations.
Frank Sinatra sings the Select cole Porter and
Frank Sinatra sings Songs for Swingin Lovers
Check out the 30 second freebies from Amazon on these and hear if that might do.
Most of the of the stuff from 1954 to 1965 are great. Nice N Easy is fav. Also check out Dean Martin's recordings from that era too. Oh ya lets not forget Nat King Cole.
Sinatra's Swingin' Session is a favorite and should be just what you are looking for. My parents probably listened to it when it was new, and today I dig it, too!
My recommendation is to get either or both of the DCC gold CDs, specifically:

Sinatra '57 (This is a concert recording, done very well)
The Summitt, (This is another concert recording, with Frank, with Dean and Sammy, which is way too cool!)

I wish they were available on vinyl!

Good Luck in your search!
At the Sands LP is great. The Basie band cooks. Just get it because when the reissues are gone, there won't be any more. Finding a pristine original may be difficult. I have always heard that "Songs for Swinging Lovers" is a good one although I have never found a copy good enough to snatch up.
Thanks to all for the pointers. I'll have to check them out. I've listened to some free previews on Amazon, but Sinatra has sooo many albums, it's pretty hard to tackle without some direction.

I definitely see a purchase of Live at the Sands in my future.
the music is slow, I tend to fall asleep.

Sinatra has that effect on me also!!!!
I love the MFSL Live in Paris album, great set list, and he's in steallar voice.
MOFI will be releasing the "Live at the Sands" album on LP in the very near future...
Songs For Swinging Lovers, anything with Nelson Riddle Orchestra.
listen frank is the best all the capitol stuff is what dreams are made of some slow some more upbeat get the cap. box should be able to find for about $50-60 the small box not the larger first issue. frank and ella sets are a must they r THE BEST.if you can't find em i will get them for ya, your kids need to hear them.
Coffe2, great call on the Ella stuff as a compliment to Frank. The "Sings the Songbooks.." by Ella are all sublime. I have been very impressed by the new pressings on heavy vinyl, they actually sound better than any of the very good older pressings I have found.
I was just listening to Ella Fitzgerald sings the Cole Porter Songbook on vinyl 2 nites ago. Wonderful music! Hard to believe it was recorded when I was 3 yrs old! I own close to a dozen Sinatra records and they're all Capitol's. His later recordings on Reprise don't do it for me. If I had only one to choose from, it would definetly be Live at the Sands. Sinatra at his peak arranged by Quincy Jones, playing with the Count Basie Orchestra in a Las Vegas nightclub. Ring-a-ding ding indeed!!
I know it's asking a lot but trust me on this one: "Sinatra Reprise The very Good Years" - it's what you want.
Live in Paris.
The Voice, on Classic Records.
The Voice of Frank Sinatra, Columbia 1949 - pretty special to me!