Best Sinatra...?

Hey guys,
If there are any Sinatra fans, and I know there are, I was wondering what vinyl recordings have his best songs and sound the best. Thanks,
Sinatra At The Sands....Frank with Count Basie live is pretty hard to beat. Other than that, the MoFi box set, of course. Amazing that no one has reissure At The Sands on vinyl. I have three original copies. You cna generally find thme on eBay for reasonable $$. Most I paod was $ 65 for a sealed original a couple of years back...but then I found a dead mint copy at Half Price Books for $ shop around
I'm with Alexc on the top two. Sinatra at the Sands by a mile ! I also have the mofi boxed set and it is superb quality.

There's nothing quite like 'the sands' on vinyl played through a high powered system with a tube pre or amp. You actually feel like you are in a club with the audience clapping and talking around you.
A third vote for At the Sands Great stuff!!
Fantastic guys, thanks for the advice I'll look around. Peace.

I prefer his earlier stuff on Capitol, that's what's in the MoFi box set. Some of the later stuff on Reprise is pretty good including "at the Sands," but overall the Reprise is much more uneven than the Capitol.