Sinatra - good vs great

I don't have a lot of exposure to Sinatra, but my first CD was "The Reprise Collection: The Very Good Years." It's (well, they are) an awesome performance. Even the tunes I don't particularly care for have me tapping my toes. It seems to be very involving. Based on this - I was surprised that I liked it as well as I do - I bought a copy of the Captiol Singles collection. (This is the 4-CD set, not the mammoth 21-CD version!) The new set is nice, but it's nowhere near as involving, and I can't really put my finger on why. Some of the tunes are the same. It was done earlier in his (later) career, so I doubt that it's just that he had "figured it out" - he had long ago done that. Anyone know why this one CD is so much more enjoyable than the other set?
I know the Capitol CD mastering has come under alot of criticism for it's poor sound. If you think the Reprise CDs are great you should pick up some of the original LPs, talk about involving and toe tapping!
Try the MFSL gold CD (UDCD 538, Songs For Swinging Lovers), if you can get a copy that is. The sound and music are outstanding. What is very surprising is, this recording was created from master tapes made in 1956 in mono! This is one of my very favorite CDs, and I am not particularly a great fan of Frank Sinatra.
agreed on the SfSL disc. definitely sinatra's best. other great listings: live in paris, sinatra w/ jobim, only the lonely (sad but wonderful), w/ count basie (very hot!). the reprise 4 disc set is a great intro as well, but the 1st reprise disc you got is where i got started, 60+ sinatra discs ago... has given you a valuable insight. The early mono recordings are incredible. Old Blues eyes voice changed dramatically through the years with his earliest stuff being, IMO, the best. You also get the added bonus of listening to the best big bands in history back the man up. The old LP's are so prolific that they remain very cheap. Go shopping for used LP's if you have a turntable.
Try "The Summit" on DCC gold CD (should still be around for $30- to $35-). Recorded in 1962(?) the energy and playfulness between Dean, Frank, and Sammy (are last names even needed?) is totally involving! It's a slice of American life from 40 years ago. It's interesting that some of the jokes would cause political correctness pundits to have a coronary today! But these jokes were done in the spirit of friendship, before the days of self censorship. And the recording is very good quality as well!
I don't know if this is of any help but, there were 3 major periods in Sinatra's career. Most people seem to like the Nelson Riddle years. As for me, I prefer the Count Bassie period.
I'm not a big Sinatra fan either, I can take him or leave him, but Sinatra At the Sands w/Count Basie & Quincy Jones justs knocks me out. It's definitely the non-fan's album to have.
The further back you go with Sinatra, the better. He did not get better with age. He was primo in the 40s and early 50s. Killer, when he sang for Dorsey, although there's more band than Siantra. Don't get me wrong, he has some good late 50s stuff, but not like the 40s. Everything after that sucks. He was way over with Strangers in the Night. My Way? give me a break..