Sell King Cobra s and buy F I M Gold ?

After reading "all" past debates of which is best, I have accquired a FIM gold power cord through a mutual trade with a audiophile and found that FIM's gold power cable is a stunning upgrade and runs to the top of the heap in power cords. I thought the King Cobra was it.As a matter of fact, I own 5 of them.For what they once accomplished the FIM has surpassed my expectations.For those who agree (without the flames) speak up.should I sell the balance of my King Cobra's and purchase the FIM golds? Any help would be gladly appreciated.Thanks.
I have not sampled the well-touted King Cobras, but many other reputable cords, including Electraglide Fat Boys have spent time in my system. They have all, save two been replaced by FIM's. I find these rather stiff pieces of cable to improve virtually every facet of my system.
Out of curiosity, have you tried the BMI Whale Elite? If you did how did it compare?
Hi Chuckie, I did the same thing. I had 3 KC and 2 Cobras. After hearing the FIM I sold the snakes. The FIM PC works everywhere in my system. Cannot say the same about the KC. As good as the KC is it sounds a bit dark and a fine grain or something disappeared when I replaced them with the FIM. In my system the FIM had better transparency and dynamics.
Hello Siddh,Lak,and Brulee
I have never tried Electraglide Fatboys or the BMI Whale Elite but have had the Synergistic Reference and JPS cables in my system.I might try the BMI Whale before I make my decision on selling the Powersnakes.The King Cobra is no step child.It does not sound dark compared to the FIM in my system.The FIM excels in a wider range of dynamics and a better resolution of inner detail in my system.I also agree with Brulee,compared to the FIM the King Cobra has some graininess.I guess to some people these differences are minor but for me once heard it becomes a revelation of what the FIM can do to help bring my system beyond being "just" hifi.Diminishing return on your money for power cords I say....NOT ! I believe some aftermarket power cords can enhance what a system can do and it ain't no voodoo.Thanks, for your response.
I was introduced to the Powersnakes line through a friend who has King Cobra V2 throughout his system. I own a KC and 2 Vipers in my system. Recently this friend emailed me to inform me that he had found something better than the KCv2. Acoustic Zen Powercords (around 350.00 retail) I noticed that he was selling his KCv2s. At 1/8 the price of a KC that might be something worth checking in to.
Chuckie- I've owned the EG Fatboys and the Shunyata KC and Cobra cords. The FIM Gold has bettered everything I throw at it. I do enjoy some of the characteristics of the KCv1 (and still use one in my system, for now), but the FIM Gold is the clear winner in my system. Just my .02.
I did a 3 month shoot-out with the king cobra mk2, fim gold and the ensemble mega powerflux from switzerland. the ensemble is the lowest priced of the three at $680 for a 2m. all three cords are great but I preferred the ensemble overall for it's perfectly ballanced sound. it also had the lowest noise floor of the three. the fim had slightly more energy, but sounded overwelming at times. the stiffness was also hard to work with. the king cobra came in last place sounding the most colored.
Just a little follow-up-thought. No opinions on these threads bear any importance, unless you create the opportunity to hear, not only cables, but any component in your system. My cables may synergize beautifully in my room with my components, but offer unwanted anomilies into others. These determinations do not classify the auditioned components as good, bad or unworthy. I have often heard very costly components sound amusical when improperly matched, and conversely experienced lower high end systems (systems being the key word) reproduce a much closer rendition to the real thing.
Thanks,guys/gals for all the interesting insights.Ejlif let me know when your friend compares the Acoustic Zens to the FIM power cords.Jcbtubes,I do plan to keep maybe two of the King Cobras to power my Soundlabs and change the other cords.The FIM cord is currently on my CD processor which is where it has had the greatest effect.Hey,The3dman,you are the first to mention Ensemble power cords.Do you sell those?Agreed the stiffness of the FIM golds can be the determining factor for some .They are extremely hard to work with and planning the position of your components is a must.For me,FIM has the all characteristics that I seek for my system.Thanks,to all that responded.
I find it interesting that over and over I hear from different people that the Shunyata cords sound "dark" or "warm" or "rolled off". There is a definite pattern to the reviews of these cords.
i appreciate the time the above posters have taken to share their opinions on this thread. but, it would help to give us a point of reference for your opinions by listing at least a few main components in your system. ie: speakers, amps, source. just my 2 cents. thanks.
Okay Avnut
Since I begin this thread I "will" begin and it could be possible that you may not believe me but here goes;

Preamp: Audio Research SP-6a
Amp: Audio Research D-150
Processor:Audio Research Dac 3mkII
Transport:Audio Research CDT-1
Speakers :Soundlab Ultimate II's with torid option
Speaker cable:Magnan Signature
Interconnect: Magnan Signature
2 Richard Gray power companies

That's the gist of it and it's glorious.Serves me very well!
Chuckie, pls excuse me asking the obvious: can't you try the FIM ? -- IMO, first on your dac3 allowing a good 2hrs for stabilisation (I seem to remember the dac3 takes time to fill up after being disconnected from power); then on the SP6a (nice machine, BTW).
Good luck, Greg
Oooooops, I've been caught sleeping. Off topic, mea culpa, I see the rotten eggs & tomatoes... keep them coming!! Pls disregard the above...
I have used ensemble with good results (balanced sound across the spectrum, "low-fat" in the bass, very good clarity and *speed*). I chose them over transparents, Nordosts, & 8 gauge, for active electrostatics speakers.

Again, Chuckie, sorry for the irrelevant post to your thread.
That's okay Gregm.I am guilty of the same thing myself sometimes.The FIM does currently reside on DAC3mkII.