King Cobra to Colombia or Colorado Upgrade?

I'm thinking about upgrading my ICs (AQ King Cobras). I like the full-bodied, rich sound of the KCs, but I'm interested in hearing about other ICs. If you've owned KCs and moved on to something else you like better, please chime in.

How about a move to Columbias or Colorados? Worth it?

I moved from 0.5m King Cobra XLR to 0.5m Acoustic Zen Absolute XLR. Everything is better a little bit but AZ is way more expensive (I found very good deal on used one). Originally I planned to get used AZ Silver Ref II. My speaker cable is AZ Satori Shotgun 6ft.

Cobra that you have used to be called Python and was 2x more expensive. AQ changed names, moved production to China and lowered the prices to stay competitive. Cobra is pretty good with no particular sonic character. Step above Python was Anaconda.
Virtual Dynamics Nite Series interconnects..( # 4 series now ) ..Great detail ( a touch forward ) with body and soul and still has great transparency..Exceptional bass drive also..............
Moving to the DBS cables is a very good upgrade. The result will be a more coherent AND detailed sound. Tonal balance will still be natural will more extension top and bottom. Colorado is a bigger step up with the teflon (more open and transparent. Antoher option might be to find some used Cheetah (AQ silver is terrific)
Great responses, just what I'm looking for. Keep them coming!

My speakers are slightly bright so I need a neutral or slightly warm cable.
I've heard the Colorado is the next big jump over the KCs. I'd rather save my pennies for those than take baby steps up the line. (Which I did with the Corals and Diamondbacks before I bought the KCs - grrr...)

The virtual Dynamics Nite looks good and it's in my price range. I'll check into them.

Mijs ..I had Virtual Dynamics night series 3 ICs..They were way too difficult to deal with in terms of hookup/extremely thick and stiff.I found them to be too bright as well..One cable actually broke the rca connector on the back of my cd player from pressure.,I would stay away if I were you.I did the king cobra and then moved up the AQ chain with nice results
I have taken the path you ask. Both the Colorado or the Cheetas will give you a neutral, relaxed sound with better definition and more accurate soundstage. I use both with the DBS upgraded. I think a nice upgrade especially if your source is digital.
David Pritchard