AQ King Cobra vs AA Black Mamba II

Can someone familiar with both of these cables describe the differences between them? I'm especially interested in the discontinued King Cobra at its reduced price on Music Direct. The cheaper AQ/Audio Advisor Black Mamba II also looks like a great choice since it shares the same PSC+ copper and connector plugs as the KC. I know its about 50 bucks more, but is the KC the superior choice?
The Audio Advisor description sounds like it's the same cable, but terminated by AA not AQ
I've heard them. On Arcam, NAD, Rotel. What equipment are you going to use them on? 

Not a bad cable for the reduced price. Sounds good in my friends system with the components I listed above. I have also heard Straightwire Serenade on Rotel. I liked the Straightwire better. I've also heard Serenade speaker cable on B&W 800 series to good effect. (2 full separate runs, true biwire)

Morrow Cable and Clear Day Cables have good reviews on A'gon. Reasonable prices and a 30 day return policy. Good luck, hope it helps.