Adioquest King Cobra vs MIT mi330

Which one would you guys use or prefer if you have to choose. I have been using the King Cobra for about a year now and just recently, my cousin gave me a pair of used MIT mi330 interconnect. Thanks.

What do YOU think? You have both -so go for a 'deathmatch' shootout! :-)

Every system is different -so that special synergistic combo is dependent on the gear you got and the sound YOU like.

I went thru alot of interconnects, including MITs and AQ's.

Even within the AQ line, I found differences...for me the King Cobras didn't fit well.

But I ended up with an older set of AQ Jaguars- very happy.
To be honest, I tried to AB the two cables but, I can't hear the difference, It's connected between my McIntosh C2300 tube preamp and the McIntosh SS MC2100 amp.