shunyata king cobra cx or ztron python

Looking for an upgrade for my hydra. Music direct has king cobra CX for 1995 same price as ztron python. So I'm going to leave it up to the audiogon community. I know, I know....what's the rest of the system. Well, I'm not going to share that at this point. I just really want to know which cord is preferred over all. Thanks for your help.
The K.C. is a bit softer and smoother, the Zitron is more detailed. So no real winner, and the preference is yours. I'm not going to share more than that.
I might add here that he King Cobra CX is more comparable to the Anaconda zitron than the python zitron. In this context i'd agree with tmsorosk.

I do have both in my system currently.

Which hyrda do you own? I also went from a Hydra Vray 2 to a Hydra Triton. That's a big deal. Depending on what cord you are currently using...might be a consideration to swap conditioners..
Not really comparable price wise, that's what I'm looking at. I currently use the hydra 8 v2 and have no plans to upgrade the conditioner.
Umm.. Upgrading your Hydra 8 MKII to Triton is a major leap forward in soundquality. Lack of distorsion, more natural presentation, much better highs. Ofcourse you can go for a powercable but really everyone who tasted Triton or Cyclops would surely agree...
If your Hydra serves front-end gear (preamp, digital, analog, but not amps), then the Zitron Python is a fine choice. More air, better articulation, dimensionality and more accurate tone colors from the Zitron. Depends on whether you're trying to use the cord to change the sound of your components, or if you want less distortion to hear the truth of what your components have to offer. Two different approaches. If the concern is more about the money there may be slightly less depreciation going forward on the discounted KC.