Secondary listening systems

I't seems that many audio hobbyists have, besides their main listening room, other places in their homes set up for music also. Most of these seem to have small systems in their bedrooms or spare rooms. I'm one of these but my favorite second listening spot is in my garage and I like this little setup, at least for some music, as much as my living room system.

This setup consists of a laptop playing lossless files through iTunes. It is also the sync source to the Apple TV. The amp is a repurposed B&K AVR 307 that I used when I was into surround and at one time served as a power amp for a Rogue Audio preamp. The speakers are the tiny but very capable Monitor Audio Radius 90's. For light jazz and solo guitar this system is very easy to listen to.

My main system is Shanling CD player, Peachtree Nova as preamp, DBX graphic equalizer and Martin Logan Ethos speakers.

BTW, I'm sitting in my garage listening to an old Bob James CD and am so much enjoying what some might consider a minimalist system, that I just wanted to share.
Good post. I have the same experience and probably spend considerably more time listening to my 2nd and 3rd systems than my main one.

The office system is mostly lossless files connected by Toslink from an iMac to a Simaudio 100D DAC, then to a Jolida EL84 tube integrated and on to a pair of JohnBlue JB3 speakers. Very satisfying sound in a nearfield situation and having immediate control over thousands of tunes, both from files on the hard drive and the world of music available online makes for interesting listening.

In the garage is a system that most here would consider low-fi, an old Airport Express getting the stream from the iMac in the house, an Audioengine D1 DAC, a DIY chip amp and a pair of Boston Acoustics speakers I rescued from a trash bin at work, total outlay less than $200. It sounds pretty damn good and makes working in the garage much more enjoyable.

If I'm playing music I love I can completely enjoy it almost anywhere, played through almost any system.
Broadstone, I also have a secondary system which I use primarily outside on my deck when overlooking my “back forty”. I very much enjoy listening when the speakers are provided so much “air”. It is no where near the equivalent of my main system, however the outdoor listening experience is equally enjoyable. In winter I spend time in my dedicated audio room, in summer i need to be outside.

My secondary system consists of: Mac Mini w/itunes AIFF, V-Link & V-DAC, Pioneer A35r integrated, Pioneer SP-bs22 speakers. All but speakers bought used. I do have other amplification I am comparing to the integrated just for fun.
I have a secondary system in my home office and it is much less expensive than the main rig, yet it gives me immense musical pleasure. It features a Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated with NOS signal tubes, a Magnum Dynalab FT101A Tuner and Sony Scd777ES sacd player. The speakers are Odyssey Kismet Reference. This system plays 8-10 hours daily and I never grow tired of it.
I also spend more time listening to my secondary than my primary system. The secondary is made up of: Rega P9 TT with Ortofon Jubilee cart; Eastern Electric phono stage with vintage tubes; Eastern Electric CD player; and PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integated Amp; Omega Hemptone speakers. The secondary system gets about 2 to 3 hours of play each day, and I enjoy it very much.
I work from home and my office system gets the most use these days--5 to 6 hours in between phone calls and meetings. ALAC files to Apple Airport Express > Meridian 565 dac/pre > Meridian 555 power amp pushing an old pair of B&W 601s. A bit overkill for a desktop system, but it's all gear I had laying about so why not!

Weekends it's the garage via another Airport Express > Yamaha integrated from the 80s and another pair of 601s. Good enough for garage work!
There is no rule that says you can only have one really good system. Once
you set the bar it's fun to try to match it in different ways. Helps one better
deal with upgradeitis as well. Headphone rigs count as well. The Internet
and digital streaming means you can listen to your music anywhere, not
just at home.
Add me to the list. I have come to enjoy my secondary system much more than my main system. I have a rather large office in the basement which has become my "play room". My office system is mostly 90's vintage: Monarchy Audio DIP > Monarchy Audio M33 > Coda Model 10. Depending on the day, I use a pair of Boston Acoustics A400's or a pair of Maggie SMGa's. My source is a Magnavox DVD player that I had laying around unused.

I've found that my office system is where I experiment. I've played around with interconnects and power cords. I've compared the balanced sections of my equipment to the single ended section. I've compared a couple different file types when using my MacBook Pro as the source. I've also compared iTunes with VLC. I'm currently using a pair of PSB Imagine B's which I took from my HT setup. I think my next play date will be focused on speaker cables.

I think I'm having more fun in this hobby than I ever have.
I believe that the simple reality is that most audiophiles are collectors who accumulate a lot of equipment. The easy thing to do then is set up a second system in a bedroom or spare room. It helps justify the expense, much like the rationale that you need a backup system in case the other two fail. The next logical step is a system in the garage...and one for the treehouse...and another one for (you get the idea).
My secondary system is a Denon AVR X3100W with 5.1NHT speakers and then speakers in every room and around the pool. Although this system is no match for my big system (all Ayre, Vandersteen speakers, Benz LPS) it brings me great pleasure from Spotify, Pandora, etc.
Moving gear around to different rooms helps one better understand how room acoustics affect the sound and provides ample opportunity to tweak and learn.