Recommendation Speaker Cable around $1000-$2000

Need opinions from the pros here...Does anybody know speaker cables around 1k-2k with amazing sweet, transparent and detailed sound?

HiDiamond 8
Made in Italy. The real deal
Check out Clear Day cables.
Grover Huffman cables
I own and very much like Clear Day Double Shotgun, but much prefer Transparent Audio Super MM2 in my main system. But if you want to spend less, the Clear Day and Mapleshade Double Golden Helix Plus are great values.
Without knowing your system, it is nigh on impossible to suggest anything short of guessing what MIGHT work for you. Hence I can only relate actual personal experiences.

NORDOST FREY (series 1 currently on sale here in AGON) ICs and speaker cables were a big, big improvement in my system.
Maybe they will work equally well for you.
No. Unfortuantely, like anything else in life, you can't have it all. Cables sacrifice sweetness as they gain transparency and detail, and vice versa. So you can have amazing sweet OR transparent and detailed, but you can't have both.
I agree having it all is not very likely. There are plenty of good cables in the sub 1K price range, I tried several from the cable co. And had good luck.

Don't know your equipment but if it is highly resolving then you might want to consider 2K and up, otherwise i would stay in the sub 1k range for more musicality.
Virtual Dynamics, if you can find them
Cables are system's best to try to narrow your choices and listen to them in your system.
My system is VAC sigma 160i and BAT vk-60

speakers are Reference 3a and tannoy kensington.
If it were me, I wouldn't spend more than 2 times whatever the speakers cost on speaker cables. The only exception would be if you are going to bi wire externally (2 separate runs). Use the same pricing structure I list above about not spending more than 2x what the speakers cost, and just get 2 pairs.

To clarify: Speakers cost $1000, single run non-biwire no more than $2000, double biwire, single run cable x2 - $4000.
“Speakers cost $1000, single run non-biwire no more than $2000, double biwire, single run cable x2 - $4000.”

WOW, that shoots the old 10% rule, not just out the window, but into the stratosphere.

That’s your opinion, and it’s OK, but given a $5000 budget, I think it makes more sense to spend $4000 on the speakers and a $1000 on the cables.

With the Reference 3A’s, it seems like the best synergy would be to use their cable. I can’t help but think that some form of this is used for internal wiring. Using something else would definitely change the character of the sound, which could appeal to you. The only way to know is hear it in your system, but using 3A’s with their cable makes a good starting point.
mgaudio planus 2 which in my system smoked a kimber 3033. They now have a planus 3 which I have not tried but plan to.
Well, its about time. Thanks Tls49 for questioning my ridiculous post. And you were nice about it too. Aprica88, I in no way meant to offend you. You're welcome to spend your money any way you choose. My first post was just to get you to look at your initial post a little more objectively. Just listing your price range like that, and nothing else, is IMO, a really bad way to go about selecting cables. (We must have posted our 2nd posts at close to the same time because I didn't see it even though my post shows up after yours.). If you want to make the right choice, you really need to try some cables firsthand. There's just no other way to do it. There are many reasons for this, but with cables, sometimes you end up liking the cheapest ones the best. Its possible that you may end up choosing something for your max budget of $2000, but there's a very good chance you may like something for $500. No point in locking yourself out of a good choice just because its cheap.

Someone above mentioned you try The Cable Company. I couldn't agree more. Their one of the most valuable resources an audiophile can have. I've been using them myself for many years and wouldn't do it any other way.
You've heard me endorse these many, many times before and I do so still again, get in touch with Grover Huffman, his cables are netural, add no artifical additives are reveal just what the recording has on it, as well as being an outstanding value.
Gregg Straley's Reality Cables are remarkably able to reveal all that a system can deliver.
The $295 price for an 8 foot pair is quite reasonable.
I agree with an earlier posting that true accuracy will not mask the lack of sweetness in certain recordings, but this great cabling delivers the soul of the performance, whether sweet or raucous, with never any superimposed harshness or shrillness.
My suggestion Kablophile.. amazing cables, i have been using those cables form past 3 years without any failure or problem
Its a german brand.

If you have an interest I am selling my HiDiamond Speaker Cables. They are D7 with spades on both ends 2Meters long.
I have two sets as I used them in a Bi-Wire configuration.
Will sell separately or as a package deal. They fit the sound you are looking for. PM me. I will be re-listing them in a few days but can do a better deal now.
Really would have helped to know what cables you're using now. I think the Acoustic Zen Satoris do a lot of what you're looking for. Doubt you'll be disappointed. Best of luck.
Jump on the HiDiamonds!
You're going to get a number of suggestions, but I must say that Syngergistic Research made a believer out of me with the actively shielded Tesla Accelerators. I hear equally wonderful things about Hidiamond as well, regarding a holographic, transparent sound with incredible detail.