Powering Audio Physic Virgos

I am having trouble locating any info on the Audio Physic Virgo I. Most of the info out there is for the newer III version. What amplifiers are people using that own this speaker. Are they extremely inefficient speakers, or would a 50 wpc integrated work in a smallish room. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
While I can't recommend this as a long term solution, a friend had the 1's and used the 45 watt cj tube integrated for a while with fairly satisfactory results.
How big is the room, what are your tastes, in terms of volumes, and what kind of 50 watt amp are you talking about? Without this information nobody can make a resonable comment or suggestion.
Let us know.
50 wpc in a smallish room might work. Depends on the amp. I had Virgo's II's (very similar to I's) in a mid sized (18x 16) living room for 3 years with a BAT VK60 tube amp. 60 wpc. Absolutely loved it. Not a single complaint.

If it's a good, high current design, you are likely ok.
Thanks for the comments. The room is about 12x18. The amplifier is a 50 wpc Audio Refinement Complete integrated. The Audio Physic is a 4 ohm speaker, so the amp is actually rated somewhere around 90 wpc at 4 ohms. I listen to all kinds of music, but don't play very lound because I live in an apartment.
Try getting hold of a pair of CJ Premier 12 monoblocs. They work superbly with these speakers!
I had the Virgos I and I now have the Virgo III. Many belive that you need alot of power to make the Virgos sing. That is not the case at all. Their impedance swing is not much more than 0.5 ohm! I have ran my I and III with as little as 18 SET and now running a VAC 70/70 III. They do not require alot of current....to get the best out of them though I recommend you choose high quality amplification.
I have Virgo 111 & normally use them with a Nu-Vista M3.
They love the power of the big amp.
I recently had to use a small NAD amp (50w)& was surprised by how good this sounded !
My room is 22x13 & from this experience would say 50w is ample - the better the quality the better -so to speak as Belakans response.
They sound wonderful on Cary equipment.
i owned a pair of Virgos II, and I also do lots of amp search like you. No one agree which amp will best serve this pairs?? Hi Fi is depends on what you like. for my experiences, it needs a powerful amp to fullfill its total potential, little tube amp may excel its sweet high, but how about its bump mid-low bass??
I responded earlier, and just happened to remember that my friend who owned them, borrowed my Avatar, VAC integrated. We sat and watched a great movie, Meet Joe Black, with the scene at the end, fireworks, and a large orchestra playing. This amp just completely (50 wpc, and tubes of course) walked right through them. It was remarkably transparent, and dynamic. Kevin Hayes is brilliant. That Avatar is quite an amp, and actually large enough with those Virgo's for MY taste, and in a large room.
Others may want more. But that was one of those wonderful moments in audio.
Good luck!
I have Virgo IIs and power them with a Krell 300il integrated -- very happy. The Krell gives the bass authority and the Virgo IIs tame the Krell's brightness. By the way, Sound by Singer in NYC runs the Virgo IIIs through the same Krell integrated.
The only suggestion I can make that hasn't been already been mentioned is, to pick something with a sweet high end. IMHO the Virgos are much brighter than Thiels are reputed to be.
P.S. While I haven't actualy heard them together and if there wasn't such a dark cloud over EC's reputation for customer service here in the US, I would suggest an Electrcompaniet intergrated as a consideration.
hhmm......well I have owned the Theil 1.5 and 3.6 and have had the Virgo I and now the Virgo III and I would disagree....IMO, the Theil's have much more HF energy than do the do the AP's. The Virgo's IMO have much more balance top to bottom.
Balekan, as a long time Thiel owner, but never a Audio Physics Virgo owner I guess you have more experience than me. Yet, I've heard the Virgos often enough that I'm set in my ways. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
i do concurrent with balken's experiences, Thiels have more HF edge than Virgo's. Thiel sound brighter to my ear.

I am powering thre virgo II's with the Pass Labs Aleph 5 (60 watts into 8ohms) and they sound fantastic. I do wonder how the virgo's would respond to more quality power.