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linn catridge trade in? please helps.
anyone help? thanksTim 
What Shakespeare said about vinyl and digital.
dears, I really enjoy reading this thread!! can I use these poems in my future book on LP?thanksTim 
good record store in NYC
dear folks, Thank you for your responses.Tim 
Personal amp evolution
this is Tim, I have upgraded to Symphonic LIne RG4, it made a huge difference. 
Best subwoofer?
please try Audio Physic's Subwoofer, they are too good to notice their existence.Tim 
Which Solid State Amplifier is Making you Happy?
I have been using Symphonic Line from Germany for many years now,and I am very happy about the sound. it is a musical amp.Tim 
Best single-malt Scotch...
hi, guys, is there any good single malt reference book? or any goood thread or discussion group in the net? thanksTim 
best concert venue
I have been UBC, Chan Center at Vancouver. Good sound. 
Review: Parasound Halo JC-1 Mono-Blocks Amplifier
good review, thanks. 
symphonic Line RG4 III vs RG4 IV?
Hassel, can you provide info on where to get(read)the review on the comparsion on RG4 III vs IV monos? or can you talk about it here? thanksTim 
symphonic Line RG4 III vs RG4 IV?
Bombay, i did own Rg1 MKII which used Toshiba output transistors in Mk II and also owned a RG1 III which use the Sanken transistors in the Mk III. I feel MKIII has slightly better bass and sound stage is better but did not notice the midrange? How... 
symphonic Line RG4 III vs RG4 IV?
dear Gregm,I saw the RG4 IV, but not sound or music from it.from your comparsion, maybe I will prefer the MKIII sound. A local dealer told me, SL is changing its sound due to change of designer? is this true? thanksTim 
Is there a SS amp that can offer tube bliss?
I second Bombaywalla opinion. Everytime after I went for a concert, I always enjoy listening to my symphphonic Line over and over at home, they reproduce reality at home. SL does produce SOUL, very well said, Bombaywalla. 
CES and thank you, Albert Porter
wonderful coveeerage and pictures!! thank you a bunch!! 
Vandys 5A Avalon Eidolon Wilson WP7 Aerial 20
i only listen to Edidlon(diamond) and Wilosn 7. Eidlon is good speakers with proper pre and amp, and while i feel Wilson is poweful but they are not as refined or musical. When speakers sound very impressive at the very few second or minutes then ...