Are my Virgos efficient enough?

I'm expecting delivery later in the week of a pair of KR Audio VT 6000 monoblock amps. They output 20wpc in Class A with the special KR Audio 300 bxl tubes. I'm wondering will this be anough power to drive my Audio Physic Virgo IIs? I believe they are relatively sensitive at 89db, but they also operate at 4ohm load, so not sure if that will make a difference. Anyway, I'm wondering if I should seek out more efficient speakers to get better results, or if the Virgos will do the amps justice. Right now I drive the speakers with Blue Circle BC2 monos to great effect (75wpc in Class A), and Supratek Syrah. I would be looking at speakers in the same price bracket (used) as the Virgos. Over time though, I would be tempted by the JM Lab Mezzo Utopia or GR-Research Line Source (again, assuming my amps could drive them). Thanks in advance for advice. Cheers,
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They *do* play. I've listened to Virgo driven by yr amps. As you no doubt already know, the amps sound exquisite.

The combo just won't go very loud (i.e. before the amps start clipping) if your room is large.

If/when you start looking other speakers, I would recommend 94+ db sensitivity & a nominal Z of 8ohms. There's a plethora of choices.

OTOH I'm not sure the Mezzo Utopia are the best choice given the driving power you have.
Thanks Gregm for the thoughs. Just to clarify, when you say you've listened to the Virgos with my amps - do you mean the KR Audio (the ones I'm getting), or the Blue Circle BC2s (the ones I have). Yea, I reckon a more sensitive speaker may be a better fit, although I do love the Virgos. Also, I'll be using the amps and speakers not just for music but also for movies/ht (not surround yet, but will get there). Anyway, again thanks in advance for all comments and suggestions. Cheers,
I meant the KR (sorry for the confusion).
BTW, Triangle makes more sensitive speakers that have some "similar" sound qualities to the Virgo. The design is completely different (minimal x-over, wide-range drivers used, etc), but the imaging, the sense of speed, etc are similar. I listened to a model called "Volante".
If you love the Virgos and are getting new low powered amps, why not look for speakers that are not necessarily expensive but will mate well with the Krs? A pair of fullrange single driver speakers seem to be on call here. I recommend those that use Fostex drivers or even the Carolina Audio speakers with the Jordan fullrange drivers. They might mate the amp better than the Virgos. I am somehow not turned on with the Bass reflex speakers that use Fostex, I tend to favor horn loaded designs like the Zhorn or even the Medallions. BTW, I own a pair of Zhorns with 8" Fostex, nice drive and sufficient low end, of course will never be like the Virgos in the bass department. I have driven these speakers with 3 low powered amps, a 300B Assemblage Platinum amp (9watts), a 47 Labs Shigaraki integrated (20 balsy watts) and presently with a Final Music 6 amplifier, (SS entirely battery powered with the most incredible 10 watts I have ever heard)...the last match is my current reference. It has not prompted me to attempt to change my set up and I do not see any noticable changes in the future.

Thanks guys for the input - all interesting stuff. I'm probably a little weary of moving to horns, if the bass will suffer, especially because I'll be using the amps to watch movies as well as listen to music (I know they're not ideal amps for HT, but I guess my love of tubes for music outweighs any leaning to SS for the 'omph' that would be welcome in HT). Would something like the JM Labs Mezzo Utopia mate well - they appear to be sensitive, and I suspect they would be an upgrade from the Virgos. Cheers,
Outlier --
The Mezzo may be ~twice as sensitive as the Virgo, but they are still go down below 4ohms -- not a benign load for your triodes.
I believe you'll find that your amps are very well suited to driving the upper part (mid-highs) of a BI-AMPED speaker system -- with superlative results. So, I suggest you hold onto yr present speakers & enjoy the music (even if you can't bring the house down) & experiment with VERY sensitive, x-overless or minimum x-over, 8+ohm speaker designs.

BTW, HT + horns: don't completely discount this idea. One such set-up I have often listened to/watched a film, is nothing short of exquisite. The SET driving the front speakers is only a ~8Watt 300B -- by comparison, your KR will bring the house down, withOUT clipping!
An ss drives the range below 120Hz (two subwoofs).
I forgot, I have a powered subwoofer with a 850 watts class D amp driving the low end, so now, there is SET and slam when needed. I have also watched quite a few movies in this set up and how Gregm said, there is an intangible something about low power or SET power for that matter in any sound material that you may want.

PS: Just wished my TV was larger and better than what it is now...19" RCA...but, sound takes precedence to everything else.
Thanks for all the extra input. Well, I just got delivery of the KR Audio monos, and holy $%*#, they are good :-) They seem to work just fine with the Virgos, so my itch to upgrade the speakers is abated for now. the thought of some subs & SS amps for low end sounds intersting, but I've never had a good experience with subs. I bought a used REL Strata II to go with my virgos before, but found the additional bass imposing and a little disengaged from the Virgos, even though the RELs are supposed to integrate better than anything else really. Anyway, I guess I'll investigate later, but I'm all SET for now (no pun intended :-)