Audio physic virgos - Has anyone tried tubes??

I auditioned a lot of speakers in the past year, these were my hands down favorite. Magical prescence, they put the music in your lap, they grab your emotions. I think a SET triode amp would make an already magical speaker even more so. Has anyone tried tubes? I know they are a bit of a load to drive......
Hi Mythtrip,

Try a search on "Virgos" and you will find several discussions on amplification for the AP Virgo's. I am currently using Odyssey Stratos monoblocks (Symphonic Line) with my Virgo's and really enjoy the music. They see to be a great match for theem, although they are SS.

Good Luck!
I had Virgo's for 3 years with a BAT VK60. Awesome set up. Never wanted for more power. Pick the amp you like and go with tubes...
I have a CJ premiere 11a, 70 watts. As far as power is concerned, the amp runs out before the speakers, but there is enough volume for me.
I am struggling with position and imaging. The further I move the speakers into the room, and the more distance between the speakers, the bigger/deeper the stage. I would like to get the vocals more up front however. There is no image into the room or beyond the outer sides of the speakers. Have not tried a SS amp with the virgos and am curious if this will move the stage forward.
I've heard them Yesterday with Cary Cad50M monos and VTL MB-100 in comparison. More dynamics were on VTL and more details were on Cary. There were 2 sources Basis 1400/rb250/Benz Glider/phonomena and digital end is primare CD-player. Overall performance of that system was excellent especially on the analogue back-end. Virgos demonstrated an ultra-clear mids and upper mids, well detailed highs. Bass was a little on the backstage but still well detailed.
Yup. With KR 8000 (¬50W triode, huge power supply), Atmasphere (the small ones) and Pathos twin tower (OK, it's a hybrid, but still...). I found the sound superbly correct, euphonic, and appealing. The asking price appalling.
Along with the inspired choices for tubes mentioned in other posts, you may wish to give hiflyer's S-Line/Odysseys a try. The sound just might amaze you!