Power Cable Suggestions - Budget

I've read many times about the difference a power cable upgrade can make. I looked at some of the power cables that came with my amp, preamp, CDP, etc. and they do seem very cheap so thinking about buying some cables. I have Bryston pre and amp. Was thinking of maybe the 14 gauge Pangea or similar then I realized I am plugging into a power strip whose cable is likely junk and will need an upgrade here too (maybe 6 outlets). So in summary, I need a couple cables and a power strip that might result in the improvement that some of you claim. Thinking of keeping it in the 3-400 dollar range for all.


With your high-end quality build BRYSTONs their audio performance will improve with better power cords.Why? They are built like tanks with robust power supplies.

You kinda nailed it wherein your any better / quality build PCs still plugged into a junk cheap power strip is largely a huge limiter, dare I say, a waste.

budgets always matter … sure … but IMO your budget needs to roughly double for three to four units that will include any quality budget strata power strip equipped with hospital grade plugs and fed by a quality gauge cable.

At an entry level price point for pre-owned PCs, ..say $150-ish, then its generally a “just pick one of ‘em” exercise without major performance variables between your many choices. A dedicated power line is intuitively something to plan for L-T, after which upgrades with matched performance tick-ups can be considered.

Get an electrician to run a dedicated line, put a better than $2 buck outlet=about the same for a "better power cord.

After that, go nuts figuring out "what the best pc?"

I recently picked up several W Audio power cords on Amazon and noted a nice difference with my amplifier.  I think it's about the most affordable way to get your feet wet in the world of power cords, the results might be shocking for you.

Yes the guy sells Power Cords but that is not the point.

Start with your sources not your amp.


peterhodo57 in that price range you should reach out to Chris Venhaus https://www.vhaudio.com/

He rolled a couple custom Furutech cords for me in that price range and they sound great he's a pleasure to work with as well.

Start with something like a used

Furman PST8 and then replace

the PC's as funds allow. Cullen 

Cables are affordable.

What components do you have? That will make a difference. Is it a preamp or surround processor… big difference. 

mceljo is correct. Start with W Audio. Send them out for cryo if you wanna upgrade. Or spend an inordinate amount of time shopping and auditioning.

Thanks all. I’ll go for the Furman power strip first then try a power cord on the processor then amp.

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My experience with the W Audio power cords was that I got two.  I put one on my Pathos amplifier and the other on my DAC.  I fired things up and was impressed with the sound.  Then I realized that I was using my SACD player as the source, so the difference could only be attributed to the power cord on the amplifier.  I needed a longer one for the amplifier so when it arrived I moved the shorter one to the SACD player and if anything the result was negative.  I replaced the stock cord and moved the short W Audio cord to my power conditioner that feeds all of the equipment and the change was either neutral or minimal.  I don't really have any other power cord needs, so just left it there.  I've never listened to the system with a W Audio cord on the DAC, so can't really say what change it had on that component.  My DAC sounds better than my SACD player, so it's hard to make any useful comparisons.  In the end, I can say that the power cord benefited my system when used for my amplifier.

Adhering to the question posed, I would try  running your amp directly into an outlet. 

I am using Pangea AC14se with my pre and source equipment. Likely not the best one could do but makes an improvement over stock.  Any chance of isolating the digital equipment from the  amp and pre?

TheCableCompany- They have the Voodoo Cable Black Magic 6 foot for $295.00. 6 foot gives you more capacitance to quickly replentish the amplifiers large power supplies and capsitors. Call Steven and discuss some options but the Black Magic is a Massive 8 awg with very high quality build.

@mesch , The pre is a Bryston SP1.7 (processor). I have only one wall outlet with one socket available. I need a power strip of some sort before I start with PC's.

This is the power strip I use in my Naim system. Sequentially wired, no lights or fuses, non current limiting, no on/off switches. All of the outlets share one ground eliminating any ground loops and noise. Deep-Cryo treated too. 


In that case you could try plugging the amp into one outlet and a power strip into the other. Get a power strip with IEC input so you could use power cord of your preference.