Pangea Power Cables comments

I have purchased multiple Pangea power cable from Audio Advisor and I would like to know if anyone uses these cables and are if they are recommended by anyone. I am using these cables with Vandersteen 5A subs and Aesthetix Atlas amp.

Any thought, comments or suggestions are appreciated.
Yes , You are not alone . I have replaced every stock cord in three different systems with Pangea. They made a nice improvement . Lower noise .Would recommend to one and all.
I use them and they are an improvement over the stock power cords.
I can recommend the 14SE. It made a dramatic improvement over the stock cord on my FM tuner. I will try the 14XL soon.
I have two 14 models on my pre-amp and DAC. They are a nice product that can be had for reasonable cost and seem to work as advertised. Each improved overall clarity I would assume by limiting noise and distortion. VEry low risk to try these and there is a good chance of hearing an improvement I would say.
thank you to all for the responses this is great news.
I use the Pangea AC9 power cords to replace the 12AWG Atlona Power cords I had previously on my power conditioners and I'm happy. The female connectors don't slip out of the IEC sockets like the Atlona ones did. The AC9 cords are a bear to route though.
I have used Pangea. Very good for the money. My current favorite cord is Cullen Crossover. Also a fan of a DIY cord using Belden 19364 cable and/or Supra Lorad 2.5
Zavato just told you like it is.
I was happy with my 9SE Pangea but the Cullen Crossover made my amp sound better.
Pangea's are a major upgrade from the stock cables. In fact, they are at the top of the line in a budget cable.

I am using higher-end cables now, and it's a whole different world, but also a blow to my bank account.
If I need another PC, I would most definitely buy a Pangea SE again.

One observation in my auditions, the XL series is not worth the money vs. the SE. In the price/performance category I would choose the SE.
I use the SE versions on all my gear. Was skeptical about the value of the XLs. Thanks for your input, Lowrider.
I would agree that the Pangea power cords are better than stock, but I'm with Schubert and Zavato on the Cullen Crossover. I replaced all of my Pangea cords (9SE and 14SE) with the Cullen Crossovers.
I'm surprised Elizbeth is not responding to this post. She is an avid Pangea fan.
My Cullen PC is every bit as good if not better than my Zu Misssion PC. And cheaper too.
As she was retired for some time, the logical conclusion is obvious.