Comments BAT VK-D5 upgrade to VK-D5 SE

BAT announced a $1,200 upgrade option for owners of the BAT VK-D5 CD Player to the VK-D5 SE. Has anyone done this upgrade? What are the sound quality improvements and are they worth $1,200? BAT's description of the upgrade is provided below the ====== (copied from their web site). thanks........ ===================== The primary goal for the VK-D5SE upgrade is to allow the use of the new BAT 6H30 SuperTube. The 6H30 has achieved tremendous popularity since its introduction in the VK-50SE line stage preamplifier. This stimulated requests for making it available in other BAT products as well. The VK-D5 CD player is a natural platform for this modification. Due to its unique set of characteristics, the 6H30 can not be used as a direct replacement for the more standard 6922 tube. In order to incorporate it in the product, several aspects of the circuit design had to change. The most immediate modifications involve upgrades to the power supply section. In addition to much higher filament current, the 6H30 also benefits from increased stage bias current. This increase in power consumption requires a special larger toroidal power transformer - the same one as used in the VK-50SE preamplifier. Another significant modification involves the introduction of the SIX-PAK output capacitor modules. These modules triple the value of the paper-in-oil signal capacitors while still maintaining their unique sonic characteristics. With this modification the enhanced signal drive that the new tubes provide can be used quite effectively to deliver signal to low impedance inputs via long interconnect cables if necessary. The modification results in a noticeable enhancement to the unit's sound. The VK-D5SE user will enjoy a more open, transparent sound with improved dynamics and bass drive. For everyone who has heard the stellar performance of the VK-50SE, the VK-D5SE offers a similar step-up in performance.
Go to - one of the "inmates" wrote a comparative review of the BAT D5SE with the D5. I believe it is in the digital section of the menu.
I was mistaken. The thread is in the "General" section of the audioasylum site not the digital. The post date of the thread is April 4 so it is already in the archives. Things happen pretty fast over there. Don't miss the post by "Steve" who also compared the D5SE to the Sony SCD-1.