No phono input on Jadis but want to buy tunrtable

Have a Jadis OR integrated amp and I want to buy a nice turntable to get back into vinyl after more than 30 years....

I have no phono inputs. What do I need to buy to make sure that I have everything I need to make this operate properly?

And what should I is a good 'complete' turntable system for something in the $500-$600 range?

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate the terrific advice that I get from you all in here !
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You'll need a stand alone Phono Stage. Make sure you buy a Phono "STAGE" and not a pre-preamp which just boasts the output from a MC cartridge. A Phono "STAGE" has a built-in RIAA circuit.
You will need a phono pre amp and cables to run it into auxilary inputs on jadis. Plus the turntable, arm , cartridge. Pretty tough to do on a 500 dollar budget.Should get at least a decsent record brush for starters as well. Cheers
Mofi is correct, provided you want to use a Moving Magnet cartridge. Cheers

Who is correct?

Mofimadness says "Make sure you buy a Phono "STAGE" and not a pre-preamp which just boasts the output from a MC cartridge"


Has2be says "You will need a phono pre amp and cables to run it into auxiliary inputs on jadis. Plus the turntable, arm , cartridge".

Do I need a pre-amp?
OK.... Thanks.

I am first going to look for a good ( but not exquite ) stage. Do you see anything that you could point me at so I can start to learn about what traits are impportant in the stage?

thanks guys !
Not all phono stages are capable of use with low output moving coil cartridges; it depends on their sensitivity. You can use one of the inputs on your integrated amp for the phono stage. You do not need a separate preamp, you have one inside the integrated amp. I would buy a used phono stage on Audiogon and a used table and arm also. At this price range you will probably be better off with MM or high output moving coil. The Denon 110 is a good choice in the latter.
This Cambridge is a nice little phono stage and has gotten some great reviews:
Check out The Needle Doctor. He's got lots of inexpensive gear and it's a good place to start. A friend of mine started there with a Bellari Phono stage and Music Hall table/arm/cartridge combo and was very pleased with the sound.

You should get enough of an idea whether you really want to get back into vinyl without spending a lot of money and if you do, you can always slowly upgrade to a level you're happy with. Be careful though, it could get expensive. My friend has gone through a few tables and arms, at least a half dozen cartridges and went from zero albums to over 2000 and still counting. Actually, he liked analong so much he got into reel-to-reel and I think he's now up to six decks not to mention many, many tapes.

Happy hunting!

I have a funny feeling that this is going to get a little more expensive than I was thinking..
project debut II or rega p1, both come w/ cart. for $400ish
hagerman bugle phono pre $150ish
on budget, maybe over after you add the two requisite pairs of ic/s.
You can pick up a new Rega P1 turntable(comes with cartridge), and a used NAD or Parasound, or any $100.00 phonostage, and a used Nitty gritty wet cleaner for around $600.00.
If you are looking for something at the caliber of you or your wife's system, you will be spending a lot more than $600.
I have a pair of mit and a pair of soundstring ic's....
Doesn't the tt come with a cable ?
Dear Mattzack2: I belive that you are understanding ( a little ) what are the analog alternative needs.

You need a TT that comes already with tonearm or you buy a TT and separate tonearm ( tonearm normaly comes with the cable that you need to connect it to the phono stage ), you need a phono cartridge, you need a phono stage and IC cables to connect the phono stage to your Jadis. This is what you need in " raw/stock " way with out any kind of tweacks like TT platform or better tonearm cables or better IC cables, record cleaning machine, tonearm protractors, etc, etc.

To buy all those hardware ( you need software too: LPs. ) could means that even with a " poor "/low quality performance analog rig you can't do it with 500.00, I think that if you can stretch/wide your budget say to 1.5K you can assemble a " decent " analog rig where you really can enjoy the music through the analog alternative.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I just won an AR XA turntable on EBay. I already have a feeling that I should have waited to buy something instead of rushing into things. Everything is supposedly original and close to mint condition as the seller claims.

I think the avenue I should be persuing should not be the nostalgic road, but more the performance path. But I am hoping that I get a lot of enjoyment from it and I think it will be an interesting starting point back into vinyl.

What type on stage should I buy that will accomodate this TT and be a good starting point for me. I am looking for something in the $400 ballpark for now. I prefer something pre-owned at a price that I shouldn't lose on if I upgrade in a couple of months.
Youor phonostage will be decide on the kind of cartridge you use. Some only handle MM some MC some both. Not sure what your using, but in your $$ range these I have heard and sound pretty good. Plus I think they would re-sell pretty fast with little loss (if any)
Dynavectro P75 or P75 MKII, Jolida, Simaudio LP.3.
There are a ton of options in this price range.
Dear Tom: +++++ " And what should I is a good 'complete' turntable system for something in the $500... " ++++

he has that money for the whole analog rig not only phono stage!

Regards and enjoy the music.
If you read his last post you will see he now has a table/arm he won on ebay, and was asking specificly about a phonostage to go with it, in the $400.00 range. I am guessing this is money left after the table purchase from the original 5-6 hundred bucks.
Dear Tom: You are totally right, I miss his last post.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Mattzack, I am assuming you also need a cartridge to go with your TT. I would go for a Moving Magnet cartridge as it will eliminate the need for a pre-preamp.

The phono stage will plug directly into an AUX input on your integrated. Personally, if you're still game, I would jump on the Hagerman Cornet2 which just showed up on Audiogon. It is a DIY kit with a great reputation, which has been completed for you, and is offered for less than the cost of the parts. I think Tom_hankins has some decent suggestions as well. If you buy carefully, those mentioned will not lose you much should you decide the whole thing is not for you.

Disclosure: no affiliation whatsoever to any products mentioned.
I just tried to buy the Hageman Concert2. Still no response.
I have a funny feeling that this is going to get a little more expensive than I was thinking..

You sir are correct..

You have a lot of very nice gear and I am sure an appreciation for good sound. Once you get going down the vinyl path you will surely see what many of us have come to love about vinyl playback and will invest accordingly.
If you not want to spend an arm and leg for quality, go for Graham Slee Revelation. A real revelation!
Well... I am waiting for the Hageman Concert2 that I chose to start things rolling with. I expect that with show up someime next week.

I am going to look at a Linn Axis table tomorrow night. It comes with the Basik arm and a K9 cartridge. Any suggestions on this setup?

At the same time, does anyone have any suggestions on an Acoustic Research XA table? I am not sure if the sentimental value outweighs the performance value on this setup.

Thanks for the great help again people. This site if awesome!
Thought you got a table off ii Bei... In that case, I would find a cart to go with your arm and phono stage and concentrate on just spinning tunes with the AR XA. It's an all-manual table, and I am sure there are people who can help you set it up. If you find that you are fine with the effort to deal with the LPs and the manual process of set up, cleaning LPs, cueing, lifting at record end, flipping, re-cueing, sitting down, getting back up because you left your beer next to the TT, then sitting down again to listen to the next 20-25min side, then you should be fine and then you can decide to go further. I bet for most people starting back into analog, the biggest investment is that of changing their listening and preparation habits. I expect that if you decide you don't want to continue down the road of vinyl, you could sell off the table and phono you bought and not lose more than a decent dinner out.
LOL... well, the quality of the sound will determine if I will continue down that path or not. From what I read from all the spinners, I am pretty sure that I will love the sound. I am very curious to see if it will be an improvement over what I am listening to now, but if it is, I imagine that I will take the plunge a lot deeper as time goes by.

Any suggestions on a nice cartridge to match up with my Hageman Concert2 ?
What are the important values to watch for in a stage? I am trying to make an intelligent decision on purchasing a cartridge for my system and I sure could use a brief explanation to jump start my search.

Here are the specs on the Hageman Cornet2 Stage:

Gain +44dB
Input Impedance 47k ohm
Output Impedance 1k ohm
RIAA Response +/-1dB from 25Hz to 25kHz
Bandwidth 15Hz to 30kHz
Distortion 0.02% @1kHz
SNR 72dB ref 5mV A-weighted
Overload 250mV @1kHz
Phase Normal
Size 7.25" x 11.65" (PCB)
Weight 7 lbs
Power 35W
Input Voltage 100V, 110V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 240V
Tubes 12AX7 (ECC83) x 2, 12AU7 (ECC82) x 1, 5Y3 x 1

Is this enough to tell if I should be looking for a MC or MM cart and anything else that might be especially noteworthy?
Lokks like you should stick to a MM cartridge or possibly a high output MC.
I agree with Tom_hankins about output. Rather than buying another gadget (head amp or step-up transformer) in order to be able to use a low-output MC cart, I'd go for a higher output cart. Having never tried a HOMC of any kind (to my recollection) on any table in my system, I could not suggest an either/or. While I might be hesitant to buy a used cart in some cases, in this case, you might get more bang for buck in buying a used cart (and hoping the seller isn't selling you a beat up jalopy of a cart). If you buy a new one for a few hundred USD and decide it isn't for you, given your acquisitions so far, that is where the loss would come if you sold everything. If you like vinyl, then you can upgrade. In the meantime, just enjoy the tunes.

There are several threads in the archives where some great MM carts are discussed. Some of them are expensive, some less so. One thread I recently re-read is here. Another is here. Both are excellent threads with a fair bit of accumulated experience and knowledge about how arms and carts work and work together. You should also dig around the archives here and in the Vinyl Asylum. You could also ask the question over at the Vinyl Asylum stating what you are starting with and your goals in acquiring a cart.
Would a Dynavector 10X5 be a wise choice to replace the K9 that is coming with the AR ?