Ariston Tunrtable

I have bought a Ariston RD-11E turntable recently in a pawn shop and was wondering if any of our fellows audiophile have had any experience with this turntable ( Does it sound great, what type of cartridge do you use with this table) I was also looking for the schematics because I am planing to rebuild the power supply with better parts.

That's a great table. I used to have one and a linn lp12 at the same time. It's in the same league. I used a grace arm and cartridge at the time...
I had an RD11S, I don't remember the difference bewteen the S and the E but mine sounded very good. I was using a SME III with a nude mounted EMT XSD15 moving coil, killer combo for the time(1978-83)! Mine did need to have the motor lubricated from time to time to keep it working correctly.
Great Table, Owned One Years ago, with a SME III Arm, Killer Combo, I sold table, minus the Arm & kept it as Spare. If yours' is setup for Series III arm, Drop me a Line.
How to get power to my RD11 ?
I have an Ariston RD11, which I haven't used in 10 years. The power supply was via a two pin flat plug inserted into the back of my old Rotel amp - now in the tip. My new amp doesn't have a socket. I'm ready to re-explore my vinyl collection, so how do I get power to my deck?
Can anybody help ?
I once owned an Ariston RD90 with an SME IV tonearm and a Carnegie (I forget the model) cartridge. Awesome combination!
in the tip? is that like "in the lue"? I am not sure how to go about trying to answer this question but would be glad to help if you can give me more info. Where the hell are you anyway? Your table is set up for what voltage?
Does anyone know anything about Ariston Icon turntable? I happened to have bought one recently. Any info is appreciated.
I had a RD 80 with a unipivot Magnapan arm.I used a Ortofon MC-20,a Grado Platnum and Sonata with great rsults.Depends on what arm you have on it I guess as far as what cartridge to use.It had a nice smooth,easy sound to it.I replaced it with a Rega P-25 but I still think of the RD-80.I loved the looks and feel of it.It had a very nice,almost soft cover on it.I was pretty easy to set up too.The arm was a bit confusing at first.Funky arm for sure that Magnepan.
Be careful-Ariston made a couple of tables with the same number-the 11s was 'their' LP12-a superb table, as the other accolades attest-but the 11e was a budget table-does the one you're looking at have any auto features-auto-left, speed switching, etc.? If so, walk away-and frankly, the company is no longer in business-they were very popular (My friend has my old RD-40 spinning away) so I bet there is a nice number of people who would help you to locate parts.
Good luck!
Looking for a anti-skate couterweight and line for an ariston rd 11 E. Does anyone know where I can get one? Gary DeHaven