New cartridge

I am going to California in August and I'll buy a new cartridge. My equipment is VPI 10.5i arm with Aries 3 and Audia Flight phono. My former cartridge is Miyajima Kansui but I was never satisfied.
Most of all I listen to classical music.
Since I live in Brazil, there are few opportunities to hear some cartridges and the prices here are opprobrious. I cannot miss the opportunity. Thinking about 6k.
My first option is the Lyra titan i (I want dynamics and details). Do you suggest another?
Please, I need help.
Thank you very much
Save money, look for a Lyra Helikon and do the premium Soundsmith retip, then you have a cartridge which is on par from sonics to everything else on market.
I own, and like the Titan. It IS a detailed and dynamic cartridge which also manages to be not overly analytical or dry sounding.

But, if you really crave a very fast and dynamic sound, another alternative to consider is the Van Den Hul Colibre.
Lyra and Benz and Koetsu are all players for classical in your range. I'd also think about listening to a Basis table with their vector 4 arm or even higher. I went Basis over VPI this month.I"m not in your league, but I felt Basis just gave me so much more in everything I wanted. Blown away for the price and I've always been a VPI guy in the past. The table itself means sooooo much. I have just been out listening to almost every combo you can think of from the AN 3 down. I heard the biggest differences in the table, cart then arm. Just me though. Good luck.
Lyra Etna

Transfiguration Proteus

Dynavector XV 1s
I would take a look at the Cardas Myrtle Heart cartridge for your system. It will set up easily in the arm, track perfectly, and since you are a classical music lover, it will certainly fit your taste. Another HUGE plus is that they are available for delivery - actually in stock! Enjoy!
I agree with the Etna, but not XVS....The Dyna is too analytical (not musical enough) for me. I have a Benz LPS and love it.
Thank you all!
Larryi and Jwpstayman, I'll look for Colibre and Cardas, no doubt.
Ctsooner, I never heard some Koetsu. I read that it's a little bit warm and without definition (not the expensive ones). About the VPI, I'm planning buy a better turn table and manly a better tonearm in future. The problem is that here the prices are abusive (A VPI Classic 3 = $13k; used SME 20.3 = $35k). So I need to buy there in USA and is difficult.
Needfreestuff, the Dynavector is one of my options, for sure. I'm not sure the match with my tonearm.
Syntax, your commentary shows to me you have great experience. I don't... and I have little time in USA, cannot speak English well and is hard-working to do that.
Stringreen, I'm looking for a cartridge less warm and toward the analytical side.
I was inform there is a waiting list for Etna (about 6 months)
How about Ortofon Anna?? Anyone heard?
... and I have little time in USA, cannot speak English well and is hard-working to do that.

Well, when you want excellent and fast service with a top product for your combo, contact Sorasound for a Zyx cartridge. They are a super match for your Arm (Lyra Titan isn't, it reflects all energy into the Arm and the VPI isn't stable enough).
Brufilardi, you should give John at Audio Connection in New Jersey a call. he carries the VPI, Basis, Rega's and Clearaudio tables. He has very high end analog gear and he ships. There are a lot of other great dealers who will do the same and know what goes best with what systems. I personally loved the Basis table/Benz cart set up, but that's me. I also loved the table that Ayre sells (John is also an Ayre dealer), but I heard the table elsewhere. John's actually on these forums and can give you advice, even if he doesn't sell the cartridge. He's good like that.
Definitely check out the Triangle Art Zeus cartridge. Tom Vu of Triangle Art will demo it for you if will be in Anaheim California. The Zeus is all around the best cartridge that I have heard and relatively affordable at $3995.
ZYX Universe II
I'm with Sbrownnw. Get an AT 33PTG/II. It is a very good match to the VPI arms. It's not available in the states, but can be ordered on eBay.
Thank you all again.
I'll listen to ZYX Universe with VPI and probably buy one.
But I already bought an Ortofon Anna. Sure that is a risk and few people have Anna but I don't know when I'll come back to USA, so I decided take the opportunity.
Very interested hope you can give us a little insight on your views of the Anna. Best of Luck and Congrads on your new cartridge