Movies that featured High End equipment

I was wondering what movies featured high end audio equipment.The ones i can recall are:9 1/2 weeks,Wall Street and some old Sandra Bullock movie about monkeys and some magic potion (they had Krell system in it).

That's about it.Anyone can add something to it?Thanks
love potion #9....sth green's rig in the remake of 'the italian job'.

Thick as Thieves, check it out at your nearest Ball Buster.
The movie with Sandra Bullock is Love potion No 9. Also, Robert Redford was playing Vinyl on a VPI TNT in the movie where he paid demi 1 million to sleep with him (forgot the name).
In the current TV show, "House," Dr. House has a SOTA turntable in either his office or home (I forget which).

In "The Omega Man," wherein Charlton HEston portrays the last (gun-loving) human on Earth, there is a scene with an 8-track player.
Anyone recall the brand of the very large speakers in A Clockwork Orange used when playing Beethoven in the hospital?
There was a movie with Bobcat Goldthwaite when he had a talking horse in his apartment! I forgot the name of the movie but he had Infinity RS1b speakers that were shown prominently in many of the apartment scenes.

Also, Martin Logan speakers were in the 'boys' apartment on the Friends TV show.


There were Mcintosh componets in "What lies beneith" with Harrison ford in it. There were numerous spots in "Be cool" with carver amp,aragon amps/prepro.
the voice of the horse was the late great john candy.
The Departed. Check out the Mcintosh stack.
What women want, the movie with Mel Gibson where he can read their minds.

Yeah,i remember Seth Green's character in Italian Job kept blabbering about a CD player with Burr-Brown processors in it (which never made sence to me because half of them had it back then,possible product placement,maybe)and the speakers that will blow off womens clothes but did they actually showed a rig he bought with the stolen loot?
Philadelphia with Tom Hanks.
Jack Nicholson's rig in "As Good As It Gets"
I happened to tune in for a minute to a new show called "Kings of Something or other". They were planning to kidnap or rob Mick Jagger. They did a brief excerpt from one of those "Let's see Mick's crib" shows and Mick was showing off his home theater. He has the new Linn whatever's--the big 20K jobs. Sorry for the lack of specificity--the TV was only on for a second while I was trying to figure out what album I was going to play...
Any Russ Meyer flick! ;^)

(Actually, "Mondo Topless" does feature a variety of great 60's transistor radios in closeup, not high end but way cool.)

A Clockwork Orange: Dlh1948 beat me to it -- the inclusion of a piece of esoteric audio equipment makes a memorable aesthetic impact here.
In "Nine 1/2 Weeks" in between playing with Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke played a Nakamichi RX-505 cassette deck. "Lost in Space" used the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Blueroom Minipods.
Friends also had, a little later in the show, a pair of Blue Room mini pods.

High Fidelity used an NAD cd player and also a pair of Klipsch bookshelfs in the store.
Indecent Proposal--Robert Redford has a sweet looking TT.
The nice looking Mcintosh system in Matt Damons apartment in "The Departed". The system was used by his girlfriend to playback incriminating against him and a turning point in the movie. The system should get some deserved credit in making an important contribution to the film.
HUGE Mcintosh rig in Stepford Wives (the new one)
There is a great Quad system in the adult movie "Debbie does Las Vegas" is right during a very extreme scene but my eyes left the couch to stare at the audio gear.
Reigh Over Me - a flick with Adam Sandler, DOn Cheatle and Will Smith's wife.

Sandler in a serious role loses his family in 9-11

He reverts to record collecting and other odd things

VInyl (and a PS game colossus) is his big deal and Cheatle goes record shopping with him
Watched an old Friends rerun last night and they were putting in a home theatre. Front channel speakers were big Martin Logans. Not sure which ones.
Check this out.

If you look very carefully you might see a Neve VR Legend console, Mana Acoustic stands, DH ceramic cones, Shakti pads, Golden Sound absorptive mats, ATC main monitors...
Its been mentioned several times but first place has to go to A Clockwork Orange.

What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on? I bet you got, say, pitiful, portable picnic players. Come with Uncle Alex and hear all nice and proper!

What a pick up line!
In the movie Broken Flowers, Bill Murray's character has NHT speakers in his home theater setup.
There's a Twilight Zone episode where this guy listens to sound effects records really loud using Mcintosh tube monoblocks(maybe some MC-30's) and I believe some Dynaco A-25 speakers. I can't remember what turntable he had but I'd guess a Thorens.
I think Tomb Raider showed a Rega deck.
Just watched Juno (great movie by the way, highly recommended), and Jason Bateman's character has a pair of B&W 600 series speakers in his music composing room. The kevlar drivers give it away every time.
The Holiday with Jack Black
High Fidelity showed a NAD CD player
The Italian Job:
Lyle: I'm getting a NAD T770 digital decoder with 70-watt amps and Burr-Brown DACs.
Left Ear: [confused] Yeah...
Lyle: It's a big stereo. Speakers so loud, they blow women's clothes off!
Handsome Rob: Now you're talking!
They were Martin Logans, and they showed the stereo while the credits ran. It was in a small window though. They better have an spl of like 150 to blow womens clothes off with only 70 watts though!

Also: "Ordinary People" where they try to sell a guy a huge stereo that he doesn't need. Funny.
The Departed. A whole rack of Mac. For a cop that could not afford it. Great movie.
I'd be willing to bet that KRK studio monitors were in Juno and not B&W's. They are WAY more prevalent than B&W's in studios and they have bright yellow drivers.
Synth -- I would have to go back and look, but the style of enclosure didn't look like KRK speakers. Also, the yellow that KRK uses is a little more "sunflower" than the B&W "light mustard."

Also, I would peg B&W for product placement in a feature film before KRK, even though it would be more realistic for the character, small-time composer, to be using KRK's.

I've seen B+W Nautilus Monitors in lots of T.V. shows. They were on Friends for awhile in the background, but I've seen them quite a bit.
A scene in Diehard shows the Carver Amazing Loudspeakers. The "bad guys" say something about them in German.
The departed shows matt damian with a cool mac system
I think the TT in Tomb Raaider was a Clear Audio (maybe master solution?); Sonus Farber stand mounted speakers in What Women Want; TV show House, I think he has a Sota (maybe Cosmos) TT; The TT in Indecent Proposal (I think) was a Rockport Sirius;
In "Nancy Drew " Nancy says:"Downloads are cool but vinyl sounds so much better" and puts on some mambo lp.Not really a high-end reference but still...
If you look really carefully I think Elmer Fudd had a Lamm tube amp and Brinkman preamp.
In the New York Stories, first story what was directed by Woody Allen. Nick Nolte plays a Sony ES deck and he has Sony TA-E86/TA-N86 Esprit Amplifier.

The recent episode of Californication had a nice set up with analog rig. Could not tell the brand but the amp looked like a quicksilver or counterpoint....
In Broken Flowers with Bill Murray, Bill uses what looks to be a silver Cambridge Audio stack, while he listens to burned disks that his neighbor made for him, as well as some of his own music.
Hi There!

I have seen a Dr. House episode, I belive with a Voyd or Audio Note turntable with Rega arm.