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BAT SS power amps?
The BAT is nice, a little warm, like a Levinson but the Levinson has more bass slam, (testicular fortitude). The Krell is the winner here but you've already had analytical sound so -----BAT is nice, 600 is even nicer.Pass is between the Krell and ... 
B&K Preamps
I had a Pro 10MC and in the bypass mode on vinyl it was sweet, on everything else it had no sound impact, it was just a switch.Nice stuff for no money. 
Transparency: What speakers have it in spades?
Add a sub!!!Maggies with a sub in the RIGHT room, clearance to the walls front, sides, ceiling disapper better than most but lack a little in dynamics in the mid/lower bass. Add a sub. 
Bryston 6BSST or B &K 200.5 or Aragon 8008
Look for a good used toob unit. Almost no toob hassle, and warm glowing toob sound.VTL, Manley, Cary, BAT, CJ, ARAll are out there and will give you most of what you seek.I saw CJ 10B with phono section on either here or e-bay this morning for les... 
Boston 12/73?????My favorite was Maynor Downs in Austin Tx, early 80's didn't tape that one. It was or may have been the 4th or very close. They had parachuters open the show. 
Best sub for Dynaudio 1.3SE's
IMLHO I think the REL is pretty good but ----- not up to good integration with the Dyna's which are very high quality very fast drivers.Also I am NOT a fan of plate amps. I use a Threshold on my subs, prior to that was MUSE which was excellent but... 
deadheads: Best sounding Dicks Picks....top 5
I've also found the board mixes available from Ratdog and Phil and Friends to be very good. Phil and Friends Chicago show summer of 06 with Joan Osborne is one of the best.Terrapin on Super Disc is to DIE 4!!!!I'm not all that impressed with Dozin... 
Dynaudio D-260
Madisound www.madisound.com if they'll sell it to you.You may have to contact Dyna direct.das loon 
experience with Threshold SA/2e or S/500 amps?
Don't get too worried about the S 500, look for the S500II Stasis version. It's Class A to about 50 watts and then turns to Class A/B.Nice amp, accurate, what you put in is what you put out.I sent my Muse 160 II amp that had been doing sub duty fo... 
DIY silver coated copper teflon wire?
Gee I'm sorry it won't work there isn't enough hype and BS surrounging your Mil Spec. wire. Sorry, now take it back, and then buy it again, this time at 20 times the price, and it will sound better.Your on to something, I suggest that 20 gauge is ... 
100 Polyurethane from Walmart ?
No different type of foam altogether, accoustic foam is a different formulation and completely different cell structure. 
No bass on BAT VK-3ix SE preamp?
Check the impedance of you amp, and watch the capacitance of your cables if they're long.My BAT has nice bass but I have an older 3i with 4 6922's and 2 6v6 toobs.loon 
Movies that featured High End equipment
What women want, the movie with Mel Gibson where he can read their minds.loon 
Flying Mole Amps
What happened to the MOLE sized prices????das loon 
Is a Koetsu Rosewood Sig Overkill for my JMW 9Sig?
no, it's not overkill, the cartridge is the biggest part of the system, the 9's compitent, so you'll hear it.loon