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Hum...ZYX with Tom Evans Groove Need suggestions
Any Groove phono stage with a serial # after around 150 has the latest Lithos 7 filtering. Any before this uses the Lithos 6. Tom doesn't give info on what the exact specific serial number cut off point is when this change took place. 
Tom Evans Groove X, Aesthetix Rhea or JLTI
Hi John, the Groove X, which I own, has switches which allows the following load settings:(ohms)112, 126, 144, 168, 200, 250, 333, 500, 1000.capacitance(pF)100, 200, 300, 400, 500I myself love this preamp. 
Experiences on Tom Evans phono stage ?
I changed from the Audio Research PH3SE to the Tom Evans Groove about 3 years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. They usually go for under $2000 used. It is slightly on the dark side in terms of air, but the wonderful silent jet black background ... 
speakers for krell 400xi
I use it with Wilson Sophia 1's. The result is dynamic and transparent sound, but slightly on the dark side. Its resolution and neutrality can not approach the KW500, but it doesn't sound as thin as the KW500 either. It has a nice warm midrange an... 
How much is the industry accomodation
Thanks for the info. I was just feeling jealous that a reviewer can get almost any set of nice speakers or audio equipment at undisclosed discount prices. 
Movies that featured High End equipment
The nice looking Mcintosh system in Matt Damons apartment in "The Departed". The system was used by his girlfriend to playback incriminating against him and a turning point in the movie. The system should get some deserved credit in making an impo... 
How do you determine how much to spend on speakers
With so many great sounding budget electronics and source components these days, I don't think the old "garbage in, garbage out" argument holds up as stongly as before. You have Naim, Arcam, NAD, DK, Musical Fidelity, etc making great sounding bud... 
Tom Evens Groove Plus
I now own a regular Groove after selling my ARC PH3SE. I thought I would miss tubes, but after hearing the Groove for the past 2 months I still am not missing tubes. The black background, awesome dynamics, and sweet midrange has me hooked. A more ...