Mapleshade Golden Helix Vs Double Helix

I have and enjoy a pair of Golden Helix speaker cables. I love these cables for many reasons, but I'm looking for more fullness to voices without loosing the quickness and sparkle in the process.
Does anyone have experience with Mapleshade's more expensive cable?

As you go up the line they just get more and more transparant and lose more and more gunge and edginess. You can count on it. And it just keeps getting better with the upper end stuff, real ear openers without being bright at all, very revealing so don't blame them if the rest of the system or the recording ain't up to snuff.
I use the ebony IC. planar V speaker cables. Yet to hear anything that comes close.
grab the double helix ,,Huge improvement over the entry level ,,golden helix,,smoother highs tighter base ,better soundstage ,,excellent vocals

I'm in the same boat as you. I went back to my Helix speaker cable and loved the openness and detail but the lower mids and bass lost some weight and impact. Until I get around to buying some double Helix cables, I bi-wired some Clear Day single strand silver speaker cables and was pleasantly shocked at how great it sounds.

Pierre has a 30 day return policy so you've got your options.

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DNM Reson is another line that seems to share some similar design principles and might have some similarities soundwise I suspect.
I read somewhere about Pierre Sprey and that he learnt of this kind of wiring while in England. It sounded good and made sense. I don't know if it was gleaned from a DNM product or some other make.

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I have not heard the Mapleshade wires but would like to. I am a fan of the minimalist approach for analog ICs in particular.
I have Golden Helix and Double Golden Helix Plus and to me it's definitely worth the difference. Plus it's easy to buy/sell used.
I too have both types for both systems (one tubed (Golden), the other solid state (Double Helix)), and after owning several different "high end" brands, I am very happy with these cables. They have a coherence factor that is uncanny and, relative to other cables, seem to keep the timing of musical events intact. This is extremely important to me with Thiels.
Interesting post about Mapleshade's speaker cable offering,Golden Helix and Double Helix. Would have tried the better of the two, but had a "problem" with Mapleshade management over a modded product, and have more or less have shorn off buying anything from them

However, I recently tried ClearDay cable "single shotgun" speaker cables, and have been very impressed with their sound, which though not perfect out performs cables costing 3-4 times as much.They are very balanced and musical with a slight amount of brightness

The NEXT STEP UP in their line is the "double shotgun" silver cable which is supposed to be better. I don't want to keep round tripping speaker cables for audition; so, has anyone compared the two types of Clear Day speaker cables, and if possible, how might they compare to the MS's Double Helix speaker cable?? Thanks, Jim
I have had both Jim, and prefer the Mapleshade Double Golden Helix Plus (in my system, in my room). I find they are easy to buy/sell used, and the used price has changed very little over the years. I liked the Clear Day Double Shotgun, but prefered the Mapleshade.
I've just got home and the Double Helix speaker cables were waiting for me. It took just 3 days to get them. Big improvement over the standard Helix cables without the waiting period for break in.

Everything you've heard about them from the above, and other posts, correctly detail the improvements. However, it's nothing like hearing them for yourself :-)

After a couple of weeks or so I'm going to bi-wire the standard Helix to see what they contribute to the fun fest. Right now they just sound so much more realistic, relaxed and yet bolder in presentation.

Thanks to all who responded as it got me off my lazy butt to try them.

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The Mapleshade ribbon jumpers are super cheap and great for bi-wiring.
Nonoise, I just finished auditioning the Clear Day "single shotgun" speaker cables. Very good sounding cables with the best dynamics and soundstaging I have heard so far from cables under $1000. Unfortunately, Clear Day has no 11 ft pair loaners of the Double Shotgun, which Paul claims offers a fuller more immediate sound.

Regarding the Mapleshade cable,// what "specificly is "better" in your opinion about the Double Helix over the Golden Helix standard?? Tighter bass?? more musical and transparent?? Also, did you get the "Plus" version" of either model?? Mapleshade claims "the Plus" offers a few improvements. Appreciate your input and comments.

BTW, what speakers and power amp are you using with these cables?? Thanks, Jim

I'll start with the last question first and make my way back. My speakers are Tonian Labs TL-D1s and the amp is a Burson PI-160 integrated. The Tonians are 95db efficient and the Burson is a sleeper, IMO, which digs pretty deep into the music in a convincing way.

What I found better in the Double Helix over the standard Helix is a more immediate, relaxed, yet bolder presentation. They haven't even got 4 hours on them and the improvement was apparent from the start. I find tighter bass to be better defined bass. Bass with more nuance, pitch, definition and thud (for lack of a better word-impact maybe).

Greater transparency is another aspect of the Double Helix cables. There's simply more info coming back at me, making it seem more realistic. I can't explain it any better than that without resorting to examples, so here goes:
piano registers are very realistic. Hammer strikes, wires resonating and sound board sympathies all share the same note. Nothing jumps out at you but it's all there to hear. It may not have the full weight of a real piano but it's the most convincing way I've heard it out of my speakers.

Horns have a nice, brassy and slightly rough bite like they do in a small venue. Bass slaps and pulls show more finesse and subtle interplay. Drums sound just as they should whether played with sticks or with hands, which I've found to be slightly lacking until the Double Heilx arrived. Lightly rapped drums now have presence even though back in the mix.

Vocals now come to the front more convincingly as well. You can almost sense the preparation before the execution, with all the subtle clues leading credence to the act. It's almost like they're in the room, not three dimensionally but just on the basis of the info. I guess that's the best way of conveying it: the Double Helix simply allow more info than the standard Helix.
Less grunge as alluded to earlier by others.

One more thing about the bass. It's a more complete presentation but my Tonians are more of a tune and tone champ than any kind of bass champ. They do it convincingly well but they don't thump you in the chest (they do, however, tap very, very well). I had an old pair of Legacy Classics that used the standard Heilx cables and they had no problem making my room, pictures and window shake so I can imagine an improvement in the accuracy department.

As for the Clear Day single shotgun cables, I preferred the standard run myself. I found the shotgun runs to flesh out the bass and mids at the expense of some detail and nuance, but that was with my older system and my ears so YMMV. I also prefer, so far, the tighter and more tuneful bass I'm getting with just the Double Helix compared to the standard Heilx bi-wired with the single run of Clear Day cables but it's too early to be certain. It seems more balanced going solo with the Double Helix, for now.

And as for the plus version, I'm trying my best to not send these DHs back for them because the level of improvement I was told was so great that at first, I thought it was just hype, but boy, was I wrong. I'm hoping that I'm not wrong again because even though it adds more than a hundred bucks to the equation, it would be worth it if the increase of enjoyment is the same.

I hope this gives you some perspective, but I know it just makes it more difficult. There is a 30 day return policy as long as they look like new so....

All the best,
Nonoise, Thank you!! I appreciate the advice and comments. You will be nominated for audio sainthood 2012. !!! Jim
Nonoise, Thank you!! I appreciate the advice and comments. You will be advanced to Audio Valhalla 2012. !!! Jim

As a lapse Catholic, I'd better re-up for the benefits!
And I hope Audio Valhalla has a good beer hall.

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I couldn't wait. I wanted to. I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I bi-wired the standard Helix with the Double Helix and it got perceptibly better. A little more here and there. Like adding something to a good stock.

Not content with that, I went back and, again, wired in the Clear Day single run using the banana inputs and it was akin to almost going tubes. Real good tubes. With really good recordings there is not the slightest sense of anything digital in the presentation. Not that I noticed any digital artifacts before but now with this 3 wire set up, it's apparent that I was missing that something extra.

Understand that this is no knock on the Double Helix cables. Not in the slightest. This is only in the context of my system. My Tonians fulfill all the duties I need save for that bottom octave and a half. What the Clear Day cables add is a measure of gravitas to the mix without muddying up the waters.

As big a step up I have with the Double Helix over the standard Helix, I now have added harmonics of overtones with no bloat or smearing or attendant loss of detail or structure, but a large enhancement of said detail and structure. As I write this, I have the soundtrack to Game of Thrones playing and I have to leave this piece every minute or so to listen to what's playing as it's so engaging, so compelling. It's like I'm hearing it live, a few rows back from the stage.

In finishing, all I can say is try bi and or tri-wiring. This topic was explored recently on another thread and there are benefits to be achieved with little investment. Try older cables lying around. The sonic yield can be greater than the sum of it's parts.

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Nonoise, Seems like you are "reaching" for Valhalla or Nirvana. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents AGAIN into the mix.

I spoke to a sales rep at the Mapleshade Store who claimed that the "Plus" version of Golden Helix speaker cable makes little difference in the sound, if you are listening to classic rock or jazz fusion; except, it may provide a tad more smoothness on the top end. The "Plus" flourishes with quartet or chamber music or acoustic jazz in which ultimate background silence yields more detail and holographic imaging.

In pondering this "thread" over the weekend, and some of my other desperation inquiries, I questioned: when might it be time to end the quest for the last 15 percent of audio heaven. I know there is two moves I could make that will/might/could get me closer. However, my system is nearing what I like to call "peak potential" or the cumulative peak potential of the components, notwithstanding the variety of the interconnects, and cables.

As recommeded by Comrade Nonoise, acquistion of the Double Helix cable will be initiated soon for auditioning.

However, last week I came to the realization that I am just freakin auditioning speaker cables and not necessarily listening to and enjoying the music. I am the last one to advocate the "let it be" attitude, and "stop trying to push the envelope".

After auditioning Clear Day's single wire speaker cable, I reaffired to myself that there are things on many of the CD's that I play, I have never heard before. Including a wider soundstage, better dynamics, and layers of sound, though this last improvement was less noticeable and consistent. I am not sure how long the "let it be" spirit will hold up for me. The last time such wisdom was revealed to me, its duration was about 36 hours before I lapsed back into "audio nervosa"

Nevertheless, I thought these mutterings or mumblings might be useful to someone on AG.

I hear you. Elucidation, when offered, is a far cry from mutterings and mumblings.

As one who thinks he's reached his sonic goals, only to discover that he just went sideways, I can share in the frustration this wonderful hobby requires of us.

I sincerely hope the Double Helix allows you some respite, only to discover it's all you needed.

All the best,
Forget what I said about bi and tri wiring with the Double Helix speaker cables.

Not 2 hours later they took a big turn for the better. I was listening to Melody Gardot and her voice took a turn downwards, tonally, about halfway to Lauren Bacall. Having heard her just the week before I was quite familiar with how she sounds so I took out the Clear Day single runs and the regular Helix cables.

That mid and bass improvement I had gotten with the multiple wire set up was starting to bloat and smear as the Double Heilx were breaking in. I should have not been so impatient and let well enough alone. I haven't experienced a cable do that in such short a time.

These Mapleshades are fast becoming quite wonderful sounding all on their own. Formidable in presentation. Beautifully balanced and full bodied, making me think twice about that comment I made earlier about missing that last octave and a half. What's down there is now very convincing.

The highs are a bit behind but coming along fine, eeking along and getting airier and more extended.

Lest anyone think I'm a bit impulsive about these cables, let me (re)assure you I am. SunnyJim, I hope you're enjoying these as much as I am.

All the best,