Taipan Alpha vs Taipan Helix Alpha

Can anyone comment on obvisous differences between the older Taipan Alpha and newer Taipan Helix Alpha?
I am looking to upgrade the cord on a second Shunyata Hydra2 that I have, from Diamondback to Taipan. Just trying to make a decision if it's worth the extra money for the new series. I have a Taipan Alpha on a first Hydra2 already, so I basically know it's a very good cord. But how about the new Helix? Thanks...
From what I have experienced, the new Helix series gives you significantly 'more' of what the Pacesetter cables were capable of. The Helix cables, while quite fat, are some of the most flexible power cables around. Additionally, from what I understand, the Helix Taipan is even superior to the old Pacesetter Python!
is it as flexible as Audience powerChord? Because it will have to make a pretty good turn. thanks
While I am not familiar with Audience cables, the Shunyata Helix cables will make a 360 degree bend in about 14" diameter
thanks...I guess it is flexible enough.