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Short runs of flexible power cord?
Check out these that secure to the component chassis and provide strain relief of your cables and iec socket. They work very well and are easy to install in most instances.http://www.interpower.com/cgi-bin/wspd_cgi.sh/WService=icl/p59form.p?w_part... 
preamp for Revel M22
You've probably realized that the Revels are highly placement sensitive. But once you get them dialed in with the right equipment, they are spectacular speakers. Have you considered an integrated amp? That would be only one piece of gear to swap a... 
preamp for Revel M22
I run AES DJH preamp and Sixpacs, both with Jensen paper-in-oil capacitors, and am immensely satisfied with the sonics. The little DJH preamp is tube rectified and direct coupled, which I believe makes all the difference in the world!I have also h... 
12BZ7 tubes
My Sixpacs came with RCA blackplates. From what i understand, RCA and GE are the best of the 12bz7. 
AES Six Pacs
No, I believe the newer models do offer more power: I sent my older sixpacs in to Cary for the Jensen upgrade and was advised that different transformers were available bumping the power up. After I received them back with the jensen caps and larg... 
AES Six Pacs
Jensen oil filled caps are a fantastic upgrade, and the wbt solder would be logical to add to the build as well. Skip the power cord, and upgrade a little later if needed. Shunyata and Cary are a great synergy in my book! 
How to break in Shunyata Hydra 6 ?
the hydras are high current designs, so you would be wise to plug your entire system in, especially amplifiers. 
Cary SLP-98 v. Manley Shrimp
In my opinion, the 6SN7 octal base tube utilized in Cary preamps is the best for a gain stage application. The miniature nine pins used in the Manley shrimp just cannot capture the real magic.If you are considering the above two, don't forget abou... 
CDP better than Oppo 970HD
Simaudio Equinox should be worlds beyond the Oppo, and a great synergy with your I5. Although, it might be a bit outside your budget. 
Power on tube amp without tubes?
really bad idea -- under no circumstances should you ever power up tube gear without power tubes installed. If you have it upside down to remove the cover, don't open it up -- there is nothing you can adjust or play with -- there is lethal voltage... 
really inexpensive power cords
good choice opting out of the PS Audio cables, they can be greatly bettered. VH Audio makes some fantastic power cables that are very reasonably priced. Upgrading to premium Wattgate or Furutech connectors is a serious step upwards as well. 
Do you have a secret "guilty pleasure" recording?
frankie goes to hollywood: welcome to the pleasuredome! 
SubWoofer Help
for a two-channel unit, you'll want to consider a servo controlled sub. Martin Logan has a line of several servo subs that are fast, tight and highly musical. I personally don't think it matters where the woofer fires though. 
Long plate, smooth plate, ribbed plate?
the long plate designation refers to a 17mm length plate structure (versus 14mm) inside the glass envelope while ribbed/smooth plate is the 14mm plate length either smooth or with a couple horizontal 'ribs' across the plates.Sonically, any real Te... 
Best Interconnect Cables with Cary Tube Gear
I have found Nordost to have great synergy with Cary gear. Both the flatline (i.e. Blue Heaven)and monofilament (i.e. Frey)designs work well, with the latter providing a big dose of detail and soundstaging ability.