Shunyata Python vs. Taipan Helix

I have an older Python Alpha 20A cord and I am wondering how it compares to a new Taipan Helix Alpha. The cord will be used with a Hydra 8.

I cannot speak to the Python Alpha 20A, but I have Helix series Python and Taipan Alphas. Also, a Helix Python Alpha is the source cord for my Hydra 8. The Helix Taipan is an excellent power cord - I'm using one on each monoblock, but, imo, the Helix Python is worth the difference.
Thanks for your input. I am leaning towards getting a Python Helix for the Hydra 8.
I was unimpressed by the Python Alpha, and didn't hear significant gains untile hearing the Anaconda Alpha. With that background, I'd suggest saving your upgrade dollars for a Python Helix, or an Anaconda Alpha. The Taipan Helix would be a sidewways move, IMO.