Clearview Golden Helix and Double Helix cables

I have been receiving a catalogue for several years from Mapleshade Music. Besides CDs, they offer IC's and speaker cable, many audio tweeks, and modded Scott amps and tuners. They off two levels of speaker cable with upgrade options. The prices are reasonable. Nevertheless, has anyone ever tried either of them?? If I can save a few dollars without going to almost mega-abucks speaker cables, that would be great.
I have the MapleShade Golden Helix speaker cables running shotgun from my Sanders ESL amp into my Martin Logan CLSIIA's and LOVE them!

I have tried many, many, many cables and have stopped here.
I have had the opposite experience - once did a budget cable shoot out over the course of two or three weeks with these, Audio Art, Morrow, Anti-Cables, and a few others, and the Mapleshades lost, badly. YMMV, of course, as I find cables are oh so system dependent.
fyi, I find many if not all of their "free tweaks" ridiculous - such as cutting the phase plugs off all tweeters (!), tilting back all speakers, and sitting on the floor to listen. yikes.
There are several other threads on these cables here, you may want to check them out.
Happy listening!
To Slaw3, Yes, some of their "free" tweaks seem off the wall. Skinning back the casing on cables and material off of the tweeter surrounds does not seem wise or helpful. Until I received the catalogue, I had my mind set on Acoustic Zen's Hologram II speaker cable which several members have recommended. I have AZ's Adagios, so many felt it was a no brainer because they use their own cable for the speakers internal wiring. The Hologram is about $700 from one source. I was hoping to get by with the Golden helix "Plus" which is about $205 with banana plugs. However, MoFiMadness's success with the GH for his Logans CLSIIA's is encouraging. I once heard a pair of the originals about 20 years and was amazzed by their lifelike sound. Thanks guys. Jim
Are they good? Yes. Are they in the same league as , for example, Cardas Golden Reference? Not to me but if they still have a trial period you could find out for yourself.
I've had the Golden Helix for several years now and they are great. Took awhile to settle in, and are unhappy and zippy for awhile when coiled and uncoiled. Left alone, however, they are punchyer, faster, tonally satisfying, and more transparent than anything I've tried.

I'm currently using much more expensive Nordost speaker cables in one of my systems. I like them, but I miss the incisiveness I get with the Mapleshades, and I'm contemplating getting a second pair of Golden Helix (Plus this time).

I've actually got the Golden Helix paired with a newish set of Morrow Audio MA-2 IC's on my CD Player and the PRAT and life in the music is just silly good.