Mapleshade "CLEARVIEW DOUBLE HELIX" speaker cables

Dear Fellow Listeners,
I am seeking any input on Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix speaker wire. They make fantastic claims in their literature. Has anybody had personal experience with these, that would like to share their thoughts?

I will be connecting Magneplanar 1.6qr's to the Proceed amp2.

Thanking you in advance & Happy Listening,
Bennett (hififile)
Yeah, Pierre Sprey tends to get a tad hyperbolic in his claims, but I've used his speaker cables, ICs, power cords and tweaks and have been constantly amazed by them. I replaced biwired Kimber 8TC with single strands of Double Helix and the iumprovement in clarity, dynamics and musicality (however you define that) was pretty awesome. My system uses CJ Premier l2s into Gallo Reference Ultimates (I subsequently rewired the Ultimates with Mapleshade wire). Bottom line: you can try them on a moneyback basis. All it costs is the shipping. Good luck, whatever you decide.
Call Bob Kirk at Archive Audio at 614-237-5699. He has them and can give you some good input.
I have Maggie 1.6's & an Audiomat Arpege. The Mapleshades are the best sounding interconnect I've heard on my system. I resisted getting them for over a year because they look cheap and are very delicate. However, the sound consistently announces itself as superior. Enjoy. Brian
From what i can tell, these cables simply look like a smaller gauge solid core enameled copper arranged in a twisted pair. Is this correct ?

If it is, i would expect it to have excellent clarity and speed. Midrange should be quite lucid and liqid with smooth treble response that lacks glare or grain. The bass would be very quick and completely free of "mud" or "bloat". However, it might lack extreme low end extension and a little bit of overall weight / impact.

I am basing these comments on my past experience with cables of similar constructrion. I've never used the Mapleshade's themselves though, so i may be off in left with this one.... Sean
I'm using Mapleshade's Clearview Golden Helix in a second system and was impressed enough to try their Double Helix Plus version in my main system (Classe Omicron -> Transparent Ultra -> Thiel CS7.2). The Double Helix Plus in this setup had a sweet lilting musical quality lacking in my Transparents. Less hi-fi sounding. Subjectively I (literally) felt the Double Helix Plus had deeper bass extension. Treble also had more air, cymbols for example had a more realistic quality. The downside was a lack of overall weight to the presentation, most noticeable in the mid-upper bass, and the sense that the music lacked the weight/power/energy of a real performance. In this regard the Transparents work much better in my system and offset some of the finer qualities of the Mapleshades. I'm returning the Mapleshades, however I would still recommend them. One other consideration is setup. They are tweaky in that you have to 1) keep them off the floor, 2) keep the +/- runs separated by at least 6".
I use them and they are just fine, thank you.
I used the mapleshade speaker cables and think that Sean's comments are pretty accurate. I replaced them with DIY twisted TI cable that had been dry-iced and found the bass and soundstage and "presence" much better with the DIY cable. But, I was using them with ML SL3 speakers which need all the help they can get in the bass department. I would agree that the mapleshade's have a nice, "sweet" sound that is clear and almost airy, at least on my SL3's. As always, cables can be very system dependent and you should always try them out in your system before you make up your mind.