Has anyone listened to any of the Mapleshade / Mikro Omega CLEARVIEW BALANCED EXCALIBUR RIBBON INTERCONNECTS ??? If so, I'd like to hear your impression, opinions, and comparisons...
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I have the non-Plus balanced Excaliburs and have been very happy with them. They do everything right, do nothing wrong and are excellent right from the word go. They are in effect invisible. The Plus versions promise to be a bit more delicately detailed, but take about as long as silver IC's to break in (around 400hrs or so). Tried a pair of Plus version single-ended Excaliburs once and returned them at 30-day mark thinking at the time that, while the harmonic overtones were all essentially present and accounted for, the fundamental of each and every note, of every sound played through them was MIA and that for all I knew (mistakenly, I believe) it might never materialize. However, I have noticed as have others that there is a lot less disparity in balanced IC performance than there is among single-ended designs - so go slowly here. Don't overlook Pro mic cables, as many have found them to be remarkably close to HiFi balanced IC's, as I have, and some outright prefer them sonically even to HiFi IC's that cost thousands. But, for my money, the Excaliburs do tend to jibe pretty well with everything I've learned so far about IC and wiring design in general though.