Makeup brushes for Christmas

My wife gets me! I opened up one of the gifts from my wife and wadddya know, makeup brushes for cleaning my stereo gear! She had observed my OCD tendencies for years, carefully brushing off each little button with her old discarded brushes ( after I sterilized them of course) and decided to get me a set. I've seen posts about the compressed air, but there's something more intimate about the brushes for me, I swear my babies sound better after a gentle brushing/cleaning? Please tell me I'm not alone!

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uh-oh……better keep that among this group of nuts or…...

I know right? I'm secure in my weirdness. 
I spray anti-static fluid on the tips of carbon free brushes (away from the electronic piece) and carefully brush the tips against the bottom and sides of my power amp.  And the transformer, also.

Do the full outside perimeter too.  Make sure the plug is not connected and allow a few minutes for drying time.

Use the liquid when applied to a clean cloth and treat rack, speaker cabinets, footers, cables, etc.  I bought my brushes in an electronics store, and have been using them for years.  
What kind of anti-static spray are you using?

They also sell wipes and an outstanding micro fiber cloth.
Their products are also on ebay.
A great staff will talk to you on the phone, even.
Been using that little trick for a number of years. I first started when I owned a pair  of Dynaudio speakers with soft dome tweeter and a beautiful finish. Grills were never used and I really hate how dust collects on my gear. Anti static wipes work well also.
I use a shaving cream brush to dust my turntable platter.
I use very fine and soft artist brushes. Great for getting around the small spaces and crevices of my tuner and tube amps.
I use compressed air especially when I start restoring vintage gear.

For intimate listeneing I dress my system up in La Perla.

i clean everything with sandpaper and paint thinner
especially my vinyl.
Sometimes in a hardware store you can find a small very soft natural bristle paint brush that works well except for a piano finish. Best to use a micro fiber cloth for that.

Did she give you some red lipstick for playing the Rolling Stones?

have you ever tried  Sephora brushes i recommend you to use  1. Sephora Collection Face the Day: Full Face Brush Set it is designed to give you perfect look and it is also good for  traveling
I use quality car detailing microfiber cloths for my gear (Autogeek has nice ones).  They actually trap the dust, while a brush simply kicks it up into the air only to fall back down on your gear.  The same can be said for compressed air.  This is the same reason you don't blow off a car before painting it.  The dust will land right back down on top of the wet paint.  I do like the brush idea for getting into places where you can't get a microfiber, but I have not yet found a place that those little fibers can't reach.