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Does the Eminent Technology 2.5 arm work well with the Transcriptors Reference turntable?
How is it that the consensus is that an ET2 won't work on a table with springy suspension but it works well on an Oracle?  Is the Oracle's suspension not considered springy?  I have an ET2 on an Oracle and it seems to work well.  I'm just wonderin... 
Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners
@ketchup, I used epoxy to attach the flat springs to the 15 cm I-beam. @delm Thanks.  Bruce Thigpen told me that super glue works well, so I assume that's what he uses.  I'm sure epoxy would also be fine, too.    
Direct Drive
My own tonearm adjusts azimuth to less than 1 minute of arc, and just this evening I found myself changing over a +/- 2 minute range with clearly audible results.  Not many arms can do this, and unless they can, cartridge performance suffers. @... 
Direct Drive
 As in a classical motor, the rotor is driven by the stator due to electromagnetic interaction.  Nothing physically touches the rotor (in this case, synonymous with the platter) in a motor What about the bearing?  
One turntable with two arms, or two turntables with one each - which would you prefer?
He claims that just mounting a second arm would degrade the sound quality of the first arm. @thekong I don't have a multi-armed TT, but it sure seems like the unused arms could pick up airborne vibrations and transmit them to the plinth.  I alw... 
Direct Drive
@theophile the gear is still there, but it disappears after 30 minutes.  I actually used it on this post.  
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
Did ya read the whole thing or just cherry pick the line. If you can show me a 70s era classic that run a sub 10 second quarter, have a top speed of over 180 miles and hour and brake 60 to 0 in less than 110 ft, pull over a 1 G on a figure 8 usin... 
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
I appreciate the response but the real answer is you can't make a classic outperform today's cars Sure you can.  It's been done tons of times and even pointed out in this very thread already.  
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
Some things on vintage cars can’t be changed such as aerodynamics and built-in technology and safety devices. This is not at all true.  People have been building cars that perform equivalent to supercars out of vintage vehicles for years now.  ... 
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
Tom Bailey’s "street legal" ’69 Camaro ran a best of 6.73 @ 210.83 MPH in the 1/4 mile last year at Hot Rod’s Drag Week, and he drove the car home. The Bugatti Chiron runs a (very impressive) 9.4 @ 158 MPH in the same distance. Using the 1/4 mile... 
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
"If you spent $2M on a modern "Supercar", you’d arrive at the end of a quarter mile 2 football fields behind the quickest highly-modified "street legal" cars from the muscle car era."   I question the veracity of your opening statement. Superca... 
Magico Ultimate III - $700,000 Speakers
2,200 lbs.  I'm fairly certain they'd crash through my suspended floor.  
Shelf life of EMT TSD 15 rubber suspension
If the cartridge does not bottom out when set at the appropriate VTF the rubber damping is fine! And if it gets hard with age?  
How many turntables have you owned?
Oracle Delphi Garrard 301 (never played it) Rek-O-Kut L-34 (never played it)  
Tonearm recommendations under $1500
Does anyone have an Audiomods Series 6 on a Garrard 301?  Would this be a good match or is a 12" arm the way to go on a Garrard?