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Describe your preference in a single sentence
To quote a line from an NRBQ song: "Take me to your secret place."  
Listening without it impossible?
Check out the term "transderivational search"  
The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
Rubber bands to the rescue.  Get better sound and stay sane. If you have not removed the factory feet on a component, you might want to experiment with different size rubber bands.  Twist and fold them so that they are secure on the sides of each... 
Audio Research and Acme Audio Labs fuse
Did you check fuse directionally, and allow time to break in?  
How long do you or should you keep your gear.
Another alternative, Carlsbad, is to focus your time and energy on improving the sound produced by the gear you already own.  This can be a lot more rewarding and considerably less expensive.  A different kind of challenge...  
Walker Talisman for cd's
Expanded uses for Talisman: * inside the main indoor breaker box, the electric meter box outside the house and the cable from the meter box to the wall of the house * speakers and electronic pieces, including HFTs * the floor (after vacuuming),... 
Can You Hear Me Now
A good explanation of the Dunning-Kruger Effect: 
iQSE ByBee on the ceiling
iQSE ByBee on the ceiling
"If you can hear a difference, then here is a difference."Same effect with HFTs in different locations.Great things can happen when you try new things, like usingproducts designated for one use in different settings.Other ways to play with your ro... 
Thoughts on Audioquest RCA Jack Noise Stopper
I am happy with Oyaide, on Oyaide MWA-RC RCA jack caps Noise Vibration Dust Protection 6-pieces Jap...  
Audio Research and Acme Audio Labs fuse
At $20 per fuse, isn't the risk/reward ratio in your favor?What is the worst thing that could happen?  Fuse blows andis replaced.What is the best outcome you could experience?  Great soundand enhanced musical enjoyment.Try the fuses or don't try t... 
Help! I Need An Amp Purchase Option Other Than PayPal
Offer to meet halfway and say you will have cash. 
Reviewing the fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
I was using a hand duster (lightly sprayed with anti-static liquid)to do a little "cleaning" around my electronics.I lightly swept it along the length of the Fidelium speaker cables.BIG improvement in the sound: greater detail and more relaxed pre... 
Jolida Reliability
His name is spelled JERRED,and I agree he is a great guy and an excellentcommunicator...  Check out some of hisyoutube videos. 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
Very happy with GEMSTONES from TweekGeek.Coincidentally I have five Shumann Resonators,so each unit now has one stone of each flavor.It is as if the sound is tranformed, meaning everythingpositive gets a boost: lower noise floor, greater transient...