Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt, on tour

Last nite saw their gig here in Boise, Idaho. They played where the Boise Phil plays, a magnificent concert hall. Looked sold out, 2,000+ folks. Anyhoots it's just the two, acoustic only. I'm posting here to encourage you to attend if they tour through or near your town. They alternated playing their own tunes, sometimes joining in. Storytelling between ditties. I shan't bore with details. Just: try to go if you are able. They are the real deal.
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I have seen Lovett in a small venue in Cheyenne.  A really good night out. I like Hiatt. So if they come my way(denver area) we will go. Thanks for the heads up.
I saw them last Friday here in Olympia, great show!  They seemed very relaxed and like they were having a lot of fun.  The stage banter added to the performance in my opinion and both were in fine form from a singing and playing perspective.
nice. i'll see if I already missed them. LL I heard many years ago at Radio City, I think...
Saw their acoustic duo last year at McCarter Theater in Princeton.  Great though well-rehearsed repartee and contrast/synergy between Haitt's Memphis/Nashville and Lovett's Texas roots.  But Hiatt is the grandmaster... see him while he's still here. 
we caught this duo in Charleston a few years ago...two grand masters for can see and hear the deep respect they have ror each other...took shouted requests from audience....a lovely eve, etched in the memory banks for sure...
I saw this show last night in Emporia Kansas. A small theater seats around a thousand. It was a most enjoyable show. a lot of witty banter between songs,(and yes it was really witty). They mostly just took turns with their songs, they did a few together. All and all glad i went great show. These guys can very easily and casually entertain the hell out of you.  

Ever since The Beatles appeared, Rock bands have been expected to be not just musicians and singers, but songwriters as well. The thing is, writing a song is a very different talent than performing one. Being a good musician and/or singer does not necessarily and automatically make one a good songwriter. There are FAR more good musicians and singers than songwriters, imo. I would much prefer to hear a great song performed by average musicians and singers than an average song performed by great musicians and singers. But then I am, as Dylan once said, a "song & dance man". Hold the dance ;-) .

For me, the song and its writer are akin to the movie script and its writer, the musicians and singers the actors. Sure, that's an over-simplification, but you get my point. One songwriter performing anothers song is the highest compliment that can be bestowed upon one. That's why when Merle Haggard recorded Iris Dements "No Time To Cry" I knew she must be something very special. Merle was SO right! Kasey Chambers, another gifted songwriter and singer, has also recorded the song.

There is another pair of songwriters currently touring together, Jimmie Dale Gilmore (The Flatlanders, solo) and Dave Alvin (The Blasters, solo). Not on the same level as John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett, but darn good, both of 'em.