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Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt, on tour
I saw this show last night in Emporia Kansas. A small theater seats around a thousand. It was a most enjoyable show. a lot of witty banter between songs,(and yes it was really witty). They mostly just took turns with their songs, they did a few to... 
Kandace Springs - Indigo, the long awaited sequel to Soul Eyes
I read this yesterday at work. Went home and listened to both Kandance Springs and Melody Gardot. I can only say thanks for the tip, wow!! 
Want to try separates, what to expect.
Again thanks for your comments. As far as other equipment goes I use an OPPO 105 for disks into a Wyred 4 Sound 2v2SE DAC for two channel music> I also stream a lot of music from Tidal. No vinyl at this time. I use a mix of Signal Cable and Aud... 
Want to try separates, what to expect.
Thanks for your comments, I appreciate the insight. By moderately priced I talking about used prices and a budget of around $12,000. Based on the cost of some of the very high end equipment, that seems moderate to me. I do sometimes think it may b... 
Plinius Hiato vs MA9000 vs Hegel H360 (powerful integrated amps under 10k with 200 watts)
You may want to check out Modwright Instruments integrated, 200/400 watts. I own one and like it very much. I would definitely call it slightly warm, excellent bass and sound stage.  
Your last concert was to see who and when?
I too saw the LSD tour is Kansas City at the Starlight Theater. Great venue, great show, My fav was Steve, I have been to Steve Earl and Lucinda Williams shows several times each. First time for Dwight, very enjoyable, an interesting sound he goes... 
HT by-pas to utilize a stand alone pre-amp
Yes that is exactly what I want to do, just was not sure if it was possible. Also not sure what tube pre-amp would be a good choice to try, thanks, Allen. 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Sweaty Teddy, Stranglehold must be painfully loud, also any Black Sabbath or Deep Purple. 
What’s in your system today that you also had 10 years ago?
I own a bunch of gear from 10 years a go and some much longer than that, but I listen to none of it. My son has my Yamaha NS 1000 Monitors(1979), those I would like to listen to again with better electronics than I had back in the day along with a... 
Paradigm Reference, Signature 12 sub quit working
I have given up and taken it to a local service tech. (Wichita KS.) We'll see what they say, thanks. 
Paradigm Reference, Signature 12 sub quit working
Yes, first thing I did, thanks. 
Why is it so easy to tell the difference between live and recorded music?
Some of Frank Zappa's stuff is very hard to tell if it is live or not. Mostly very well done. 
Don't You Just Love It When...
listening to the sounds of ol' T Rex.... 
Sentimental song.
My entire family comes down to the music room on or near Thanksgiving for the annual playing of The Last Waltz. 
Is anyone going to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest?
Yip, I am going , this is my third trip, love it.