John Hiatt and The Jerry Douglas Band hit the road!

They have a new album out, and are making their way across the U.S.A. to perform it live. Tickets in my locale (Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon) are a modest $49.50 (plus $11 "booking fee"---what a racket!). Hiatt is a great live performer; I saw him a few times in L.A., once with the great Goners backing him, once as a member of Little Village, the supergroup composed of he, Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, and Jim Keltner. Damn!), and The Jerry Douglas Band (whom I saw at the same Portland venue their last time through town) is composed of virtuoso-level musicians.

Jerry is one of my favorite living musicians, the dobro player heard on a LOT of Bluegrass and Country albums, and a member of Union Station, the band Alison Krauss employs (she and Jerry have a kid together). Along with Marty Stuart And His Fabulous Superlatives (currently the best band in the world, imo)---unfortunately sold out, THE shows of the year!
Already sold out for Sept show at Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, ME.
$135 plus $5 handling fee for the sold out SMAC show. I would not pay that much for any artist. Even though SMAC is a wonderful venue. Lots of $59 & $69 seats at Chubb Theater in Concord NH. 
Oh man! I am DEFINITELY going to this show, somewhere. I’ve loved Hiatt since the 90s, and Douglas is the best dobro player in the world and the core of Allison Krauss’s band Union Station, the tightest one I can think of.
I admit to being spoiled as a kid. I saw The Beatles for $4.50, and Cream, Hendrix, Albert King, The Kinks, Elton John, the doors, Procol Harum, The Electric Flag, Big Brother, The Beach Boys, and hundreds of others for $3.00-3.50. And The Airplane and Dead for free! Of course, that's back when milk was 25 cents a half-gallon, about the same each for a gallon of gas and a pack of cigs.

Shows in the clubs in L.A. (The Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy, The Starwood, The Troubadour, The Palace) in the 80's and 90's was no more than around ten bucks, but they gotcha at the bar---about eight bucks for a shot of Johnny Walker Black, iirc. 
$50 bucks is about my max for a show. Too bad Tickethackster takes money that should go to the band. Otherwise I support bands through vinyl purchases.
That's about it for me too, Steve. Iris Dement at The Aladdin Theater last year was $40, drinks $10, I think. Music and alcohol go hand-in-hand. ;-)
Bummer - not coming to LA county. Looks like a couple shows in Orange County and San Digeo though. Been a John Hiatt since my days in Chi'Town.
That is going to be a great show! I used to love going to P-town for music! No longer have any desire to visit that city. Much rather drive a couple extra hours to catch a show in Bend or north to Washington these days! Must admit I am envious, John Hiatt is GREAT!
“Alison Krauss and Jerry Douglas - (she and Jerry have a kid together)”

I don’t think this is accurate? She has only one child , Sam, with Pat Bergerson.
I can‘t say how refreshing it is to see people talking about MUSIC !
Which all  too many forget is the ultimate pursuit of our hobby.
@grannyring: Thanks for the correction. I don't remember where I read that about Alison and Jerry, it was quite a while back.
Hope to catch them in California, EJ I see Iris D is playing Triple Door in Seattle and also Karla Bonoff, a great venue
Yeah Jim, Iris is playing The Aladdin Theater in Portland in a few months. I was planning to attend the show (though I saw her there just last February), but then the Hiatt/Douglas date was announced. That'll scratch my itch for the need of live music just fine. ;-)
Thanks for posting this. Sadly they will be nowhere close to me. I saw Hiatt once good show. I have seen Douglas many times, he is from a town close to me Warren Ohio. He is an amazing musician. I will order the album from my local record store. 
West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, Deep South, Appalachia, all covered.  Not a single date in the entire SW USA.  I am curious why.  I am pretty sure they would pack them in in Houston or Austin.  I would drive from Houston to Austin to catch the show, but not Colorado.  Bummer.
@limbonner: If you’re interested, there is a Barnes & Noble exclusive version available---the cover autographed by John and Jerry, the vinyl black/gray splatter. There is also an Independent Record Store version on blue marble vinyl, and of course the standard black vinyl version. I don’t care about colored vinyl, but having an an autographed cover is pretty cool.
I checked the website for tickets. While they’ll be on the west coast (CA, OR, WA), ) they won’t be coming to Arizona. Oh well, if center orchestra tickets run $499, I’ll get over it. I’ll buy the LP at Barnes & Noble.