John Hiatt - Same Old Man

Well, I am a Hiatt fan of old. I was excited to see his new music coming out on LP. Finally sat down yesterday to listen and I must say I am rather disappointed - a bit bland, slow and uninspiring. I would like to hear others HO of his newest.
To me this album was a return to form for Haitt and one of the best of '08-- straight, honest & completely free of the histrionics & silliness that weaken some of his later work. Also excellent sonically on vinyl-- particularly considering that it was recorded at his home studio. Keep listening; it will grow on you.
I'm more with Miner on this one. IMHO, Hiatt's best work runs more to pop/rock than folk/blues. For me, he peaked with that incredible run of "Bring The Family", "Slow Turning" and "Stolen Moments", all of which are more hook driven than the more recent stuff. I agree that the music gains a certain depth or weight from the stripped down approach he's currently employing, but I prefer the earlier stuff. Just MHO.

Who knows, maybe he'll pull a Springsteen and come full circle.