Looking for a warm sounding amp or integrated with a torodial transformer

Looking for recommendations for a warm sounding integrated amplifier or power amplifier tube or solid state with a torodial transformer power supply. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and the materials used  in the rectangular transformers affect me, I'm fine with toroidal transformers. I've been looking at BAT, Modwright, and Pass Labs. Any other ideas? I have a Rogue audio sphinx but would like a bit more warmth.

Thanks in advance!


The Sphinx is a pretty warm amp already. Let's see if we can get you there. What loudspeakers and source are you using? 

Thanks, that's why I chose it, using NOS Mullards. 

Wharfedale diamond 225's

Cds, Audiolab 6000cdt, Denafrips Ares2.

Audioquest cinnamon digital, AQ red river interconnects, and AQ rocket 33 full range speaker cables.

Without spending too much money I'd start with AudioQuest Type 4 speaker cable, the Rocket 33s are more detailed but not as warm. And from the DAC to the Sphinx, I would use a Kimber PBJ. I might suggest a Cardis 300B but that might be too warm and kill some midrange. If that doesn't get you there, different loudspeakers would be my next suggestion. 

I tried AQ type 4 but preferred the rocket 33, I found the type 4 to be more detailed and not as full in the midrange and bass. I've been looking at and reading about the pbj's I've read that they are a bit light weight in the lower registers but if they can add some more warmth I might give them a try. I'll look into the Cardis. 

Anyone have any recommendations for a warm sounding amp with a torodial transformer? 

I had the 1st Sphinx and didn’t care for it. I had at the time a 20 year old Odyssey Stratos that had been through hell and was in a box and traveled all over the world with me. I pulled it out of the garage in a Michigan winter and duct taped one of the speaker leads on because the connector broke off. Immediately soooo much better!! Warmth dynamics articulation. I listed the Sphinx the next day. Sold very quickly. I was not impressed in my house with my speakers. 

Here are a few of the warmest sounding amps  that I’ve owned that use toroidal transformers. Each had their strength and weaknesses. After trying these as well as many others i’ve settled on Audia Flight. Great amps if you can find one.


Primare i30

Vincent SV 237

Wells Audio Majestic

SimAudio i3.3/I5/340i

Older NAD amps

Kinki Studio EX M1

Best of luck in your search.

My Pass integrated 60 sound warmer than my Black Ice tube integrated. Instead of a new amp, why not try some cardas cabling?

Have you looked at Rega?  I recall years ago I was upgrading from a Rega Brio R and the guys at Needledoctor were of the opinion that Rega was the warmest gear they carried and they were Rogue dealers. That was vs. stock tubes so not sure how it would compare with NOS Mullards. 

I know if is definitely on the warmer side of neutral.  Maybe and Elex R?  

Nice system. I recently acquired the CDT 6000 and am very happy with it.

I am blown away by the LSA Voyager 350 GaN amp. It is a lot more potent than my previous amp EVS 1200, which surprised me

A couple ideas

* power cords (Im actually using a $595 PC on my CDT, but I owned it from when I had monoblocks

* Speaker distance from front/side walls

* Power Conditioner: I have a Core Power and a 20 amp dedicated line





The thing I'm most disappointed about with my system is a bit of hardness, especially in the upper midrange and especially with piano recordings.

I recommend Audio Research integrated or separates (alternatively: CJ, VAC, Cary… reluctantly Rogue). They are highly detailed, warm, natural, with midrange bloom with great dynamics. The new ARC i50 costs $5K… a outstanding deal. Over the last fifty years after hearing my first ARC component, I slowly (read: finance permitted) purchased one after another, to now happily own all ARC components that give me the most natural, musical, compelling system I have ever heard. The very opposite of disappointing. Three hours per day, and have to pull myself away.


the Sphinx had a smooth midrange but not very dynamic in my system and bass was not good. This was with some GE Triton 1s at the time. The bass was not even very good with the 1000w amp for the speakers. When I hooked the Odyssey up bass went up major notches and everything sounded much bigger, more musical and detailed. Even though it was self powered they take on the properties of what they are being fed. 

maybe with other speakers or would have been better . Dunno 

@dafox if you want to try some different cables before changing equipment check out Triode Wire Labs.Their cables are designed to take the edge off of "digititus" without losing detail. They have a generous return policy if they don't work out for you. One of their pcs and a pair of ics might be just the thing.I'm not affiliated:-)

@dwest1023 dies Cardas have a house sound? 

what about multistrand vs solid?

Which Cardas cables would you recommend? 

WireWorld Electra 7 PC is very good value $ money. I use one, and have a couple more that I upgraded from that are in need of a new home


To answer what does it my PC that is as expensive as the CDT 6000, there's no simple answer. It depends on the rest of the system



Sorry, I have no idea what kind of transformers Audio Research uses…. Ones that sound fantastic, last forever and look good. I stopped being concerned about how an audio goal, was achieved about a year after I got in to high end audio… about 50 years ago.

@ghdprentice its a mater of chemical sensitivities for me, i react to all of the square transformers I've tried, the torodial ones have been fine, different materials, go figure.

I think Parasound uses them in their amps and integrated.

When I had the Halo Hint it was warm sounding.

bought a Belles Aria recently and compared it to a Rogue Sphynx, I prefer the Sphinx, but it does matter which tubes you use in the Sphinx, my favorites being NOS Mullards. I'm finding it hard to explain all of the differences, the Aria has a lighter, brighter sound in my system to my ears, the Sphinx has a fuller, darker sound. The Aria shines on low volume delicate music, the Sphinx shines on vocals and more dynamic music. The Aria edges out the Sphinx in the reproduction of piano, the Sphinx is a tad harder sounding. Simply put I enjoy listening to the Sphinx more, I listen mostly to jazz. I'm keeping the Sphinx and selling the Aria.

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Are you sure your integrated is the problem and a new $5k-$6k integrated will solve this issue? I’d be looking at $350 Wharfedale Diamond 225 speakers as candidates for the upgrade, not the integrated…at least not until your speakers are up to it.