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pro-ject cd box rs2 vs jays audio cd2 mk3
I have a Jay's Audio cdt2 mk3, just finished reading thru this thread. Any updated from the Project owners?  
Jays Audio cdt2 mk3 burn in and user experiences
@egrady  What do you think of the oppo compared to the Jay's transport?  
Which Transport or CD Player?
Like my Jay's cdt2 mk3, needs an extended break in, goin strong   
Free CD collection
Kind of you!   
Mozart-Clarinet Quintet
Thanks for that, just ordered the Academy of Ancient Music Chamber Music Players version.  
Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated amp paired with Harbeth 30.2 XD speakers
Per Stereophile the XA25 measures at 60 watts into 8 ohms.  
New Project RS2T transport
@charles1dad  Thanks!  
New Project RS2T transport
Anyone compare this transport to the Jay's cdt2 mk3?   
Go get out your pitchforks, I’ve done a sacrilegious thing. . .
What are some of the settings that you are using?  Boosting bass and treble for low volume listening? Rolling off the top end? Boosting the midrange for added warmth?  
I use qobuz and roon, Play lists seem really bad, what do I do?
I dont know about play lists but I find the radio feature on Pandora to be superior to Spotify, Qobuz, and Tidal's offerings despite its low fi quality I still use it to explore music. Wonder how Pandora's radio compares to Tidal's.  
Jays Audio cdt2 mk3 burn in and user experiences
@chuckie I too am planning to get a Pontus II, which type and brand, model cables do you use now?  
Looking for a warm sounding amp or integrated with a torodial transformer
bought a Belles Aria recently and compared it to a Rogue Sphynx, I prefer the Sphinx, but it does matter which tubes you use in the Sphinx, my favorites being NOS Mullards. I'm finding it hard to explain all of the differences, the Aria has a ligh... 
Jays Audio cdt2 mk3 burn in and user experiences
This unit takes a long time to burn in, after 30 days and 500+ hours it is sounding great.  
I bought an Audiolab 6000cdt 6 months ago and a couple of months ago noticed that it is lightly scratching my cds,  I really like the sound of this transport and after reading many comments about it and similarly priced transports belive that it i... 
You Want Affordable Hi-Fi, try this set-up.
@russ69  Which tubes are you using in the Sphinx?