Inactive audio members that you miss

Do you ever think about former Audiogon members that provided some degree of satisfaction whenever you read one of their posts, but seem no longer active?

I, for one, really miss Cornfedboy. I thought his posts were hysterical, and they tended to put us all in the proper light: Crazy but happy. Then he signed off when he said that he was going to be doing consulting for Audiogon.

Then there is Sean. I thought his posts were very informative and I learned a lot from him. Then came the dispute with Audiogon, etc, and we haven't heard from Sean for a while. I think that's our loss.

And finally, Lugnut. Patrick sold me an entire box of LP's when I was starting a vinyl collection for the first time. He sold it to me for a song, and I think he took care of the shipping of this very heavy box. A year or two later I read on Audiogon that he had died. Tragic.

Do you have other Audiogon members who you enjoyed reading posts that, for some reason or another, are now silent?
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I miss hearing from Aball. His knowledge on Mac items was superb. His voice has been silent for awhile now.
Ellery911 comes to mind. It was during the DK Design amp ruckus and I had just discovered the forum here. I don't know they guy personally but his thoughtful and well written arguments stood out.
Probably should curse him for getting me hooked on the forums.
Lugnut of course. And whatever happened to Slappy? That guy made me laugh my ass off.
[q]I miss hearing from Aball. His knowledge on Mac items was superb. His voice has been silent for awhile now.
I visited Aball last Aug @ his residence. He was very friendly & hospitable & my visit was very enjoyable. If memory serves me correctly, he does not have any McIntosh equipment anymore altho' he still remains a fan of their products.
Sufentanil, good call.

Lugnut and Sean were incredibly likeable members, I sure miss them. Both these guys were friends, names I had on my speed dial. The kind of guys I would call just to talk.

I have photos of Pat in my living room listening to music. His health was failing and the worst was during that last Rocky Mountain Audio Show when he knew his time was up. I lost it that last day talking with he and Barb.

Angela100, no activity on her system since '02, humorous, intelligent lady.

Detlof, super nice Swiss gentleman I don't see near enough posting from him these days

Lakefrontroad, no system activity since '04 and no feedback for nearly two years. Bill was a class guy, miss him.

Tireguy has not posted on his system since '08. A bright guy with a wry sense of humor.

Subaruguru, I miss Ernie, I always looked to see if he was touting a Subaru along with his audio answers. Guy was crazy about those cars and intense on most topics he entered into.
We still get the occasional post from Nrchy. Always glad to see one of those.

I had to think a moment to remember his username, actually. Knew where to find it, though: just search on Patrick Malone. Good place to look up names.
Yes, I miss the same guys that Alberporter wrote - I was very active on this forum about the same time that fellows whose names Albert mentioned were.

To add to Albert's list:
TWL --> he knew analog like the back of his hand & who can forget his "HIFI tuning tweak"??
Zaikesman --> He's been gone too long. I communicated w/ him a few weeks ago on this forum & he informed me that he swore off audio a long time ago...
All of the above mentioned members are ones I miss as well. I guess time moves on and some find other hobbies/interests. If any of you guys are reading this, speak up.
Ah yes, Slappy and Suburuguru. Slappy cracked me up -- they guy definitely has a sense of humor.

Albert, that's great that you have such a personal relationship with so many Audiogon members. So far I personally know two people from Audiogon, so that's been the extent of my knowledge of people outside of interactions on this website.

There have to be many more that we're overlooking here.

To add to the list, what happened to Abecollins?

Most of his posts were in '01 and '02, a bright guy from Colorado that I always thought I would meet up with at RMAF.

Musicdoc, quite a few post between '01 and '08 and then pretty much nothing. He was inquisitive, a fan of analog and as I remember, working on a hot Chevy street car, an Interesting guy for sure.

Also remember Ohlala, his posts were fairly prolific from 2000 to about a year ago but I have not noticed much if anything from him lately.

An early post from Ohlala mentioned that he was a struggling student. Perhaps he graduated, found the perfect girl and now has no time for Audiogon. I hope good things are keeping him away.
I sensed someone talking about me...but then again, I've been accused of being psychic before.

Just clicked on the forums for the first time in over a year and this is the first thread I read.

Miss everyone and hope everybody is doing ok.

I should stop by more often.

Thanks for thinking of me Tim, it really means alot.
Sdcampbell. Where are you? Great contributions on the reason that we all do this crazy audio stuff: music. His thoughtful, and measured (no pun intended) posts and recommendations on jazz were always terrific.
I miss Redkiwi's postings, don't remember seeing anything from him in a good while. I really found him to provide great insights into many subjects. All of the previously mentioned members were great contributors and I particularly miss Cornfedboy's droll wit.
Ellery911, you would have been in one of my other lists, pleased to see you back even if just to check in.

Others to add are Chadnliz and Sugarbrie.

Sugarbrie comes from Sugar Britches, the name of Tom's Maine Coon Cat.

I always got a laugh when I saw his moniker. Tom and I spoke several times at CES and I always ask if he brought the cat. That made him smile.
I liked *sedond*. I always wonder where these people go. I do have a friend who was a reviewer who said "i am sooo over audio". It can be frustrating to spend a lot and not get better sound or just an even swap. It also raises expectations and takes the fun out of it. This reminds me of Tebooe. I think he gave up and bought a Sonos.
Also ASA was a very informed poster. I saw one of his posts on here a few weeks ago, that was the first one in years.
I wonder if anyone knew Inrit (Rob Trankley) or had the pleasure of dealing with him. Over the years, he bought and sold a lot of stuff on a'gon and unfortunately passed away about a year ago.

I don't know how much he posted on these forums but for about 7 years we were audio internet pen pals and became great friends. Over the years, he had acquired so much audio gear that I always valued his opinion whenever I was considering making an audio purchase. We also traded audio gear as well. Definitely missed by many.

I miss some those already mentioned more, but, Carl used to really stir the pot around here.
I still email back and forth with Carl, he sends me photos, seems that's become a new hobby for him.
I miss Sean
Albert thanks for mentioning me, to think someone of your calibur thinks of me at all is nice to see.
I just had lost the deisre to post for awhile, life, disability and all got in the way for a time too.
But I am still here and glad to see everything ticks along.
I miss Pat, towards the end of his struggle I talked to his wife via email if memory serves and was waiting for my med refill at first of month to send him some of my Fentanyl patches but sadly he didnt last that long.
Not sure if my Duragesic patches would have been a help or a negative........I dont take them anymore and I think I saw they were pulled from the market.
OK enough babble............God Bless you Pat.
Nostalgia ain't what it used to be...

Maybe I'm getting old, but I really miss those guys. The discussion used to be a lot more interesting, in-depth, and lively back then. Or, maybe it's just me? I have a personal affection for many of the others mentioned. Seems like we had a smaller world back then, and a lot of us used to interact more deeply. I've been thinking about this for a few years now, and off and on have considered signing all of my posts, "And where have you gone ABC?"

Rob Trankley was one heck of a guy, even if he wasn't someone who posted. Thanks for mentioning him, Lou_setriodes.

I've also kept up with Carl_eber, though I've lost his e-mail of late. Heck of a good guy.

I met up with Doug Sedon (Sedond) a year or so back, he's doing fine. Still has his hilarious eccentric spelling thing going.

I'm waiting for Arthur (Aball) to pull an Abe Vigoda, "I'm not dead, you idiot!" on us here. His postings on tube versus solid state power of late have been probably the most provactively interesting I can remember.

A few I haven't yet noticed are Eldragon, Garfish, and Leafs, though I do still keep in touch with Eldgragon and Leafs. I also wonder what happened to Bartokfan.
Dick hertz
Subaruguru, Zaikesman, Redkiwi, Boa2, Kublakhan, Slappy. And Daltonlanny for his obsession with the Adcom GFP-750.
Didn't Lugnut pass away?
Yes, Pat (Lugnut) died several years back. The thread related to his last months was a beautiful thing to read and participate in- probably the pinnacle of this site.
Several weeks ago, I tried to post a thread asking if anyone had heard from Stiltskin, but for some reason, it wasn't posted. We used to exchange audio pleasantries a couple times a month or so. Seems as though he's slid off the face of the Earth. I believe he was having a plinth made by Albert Porter, as he sold his Raven Akustic One and went to Technics. Been meaning to ask after him via Albert. Maybe this format can do the job. Albert, or anyone else, heard from him?

Thanks all,

I have nothing from Stiltskin on Technics plinths and no saved messages anytime during the last four years in my archived mail.

I did a search for Stiltskin with Audiogon member lookup it shows he cancelled his account. If you enter his name in the forum search you find lots of posts and his interest in Technics seems to be around November 2009.

I can't find a record of us speaking about a plinth, he could have bought a plinth from another source or decided against.

You say you used to exchange pleasantries with him a couple of times a month. If that included email you could send him a note.
There are some great answers here. I do miss TWL for his knowledge on everything analog. Sdcampbell had incredible classical and jazz musical knowledge (he does still have an eBay store, though, where he sells LP's -- and I even purchased his book, but haven't read it yet). And yes, sugarbrie, I remember his posts fondly, as well.

Another one I haven't heard from a while is psychicanimal. He was one of the first proponents of the modified Technics as a cost-effective entry into high-end vinyl. To say that he was dogged about it is probably an understatement. Still, it was entertaining to read some of his posts.

Keep the posts coming!

Maybe one day I'll be added to this "most missed" list...