If You Could Only Keep 3-CD's LP's , Which Ones?

Gun to your head,....they're taking your entire system and all LP's and CD's...but through mercy will let you keep your 3 favorite CD's or LP's. Which ones do you keep?
Sinatra-'57 IN CONCERT-gold disk
Greg Brown- the poet game
The Dave Brubeck Quartet-Time Out
Abbado Beethoven's 9th
Bruce Katz Band Mississippi Moan
Angeles Quartet Haydn String Quartets 71/1,2,3
I tried to answer, but I just can't!

Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter
Beatles 1
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
The Doors-The Doors 1st LP
Rubber Soul-The Beatles
Highway 61 Revisited-Bob Dylan
Wow! That is a tough decision... Lets see I would have to keep: N'sync-No Strings Attached
New Kids on the Block- Hangin' Tough
Britney Spears-Oop's I Did it Again

It was a real tough decision, especially with the Britney. I was almost gonna pick Shaq's first album but I just coulden't part with Britneys terrific rendition of "Satisfaction"! PLEASE! What were you thinkin' Mick?
Maybe we can all meet up and share, thus giving us a much larger music selection :-)
This is BRUTAL, but here goes: 1. Cowboy Junkies "The Caution Horses", 2. George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers "The Anthology", this is a two CD set, but it's in just one jewel case so IMO only counts as one, yes? 3. A CD-R compilation that I made myself, it has 17 tracks from a dozen or so CDs, I call it "Blues and Soul, Nice and Slow".

It was painful to leave out Loreena McKennitt, Enigma, Shirley Horn, Melissa Etheridge, and the other 3 Blues and Soul CD-Rs I've compiled. Whew, this exercise is like some kind of nightmare......hyper-ventilating, sweating bullets etc., and then abruptly and blissfully back to reality. Craig
Almost impossible but without cheating with box-sets and the like.............

Bob Dylan-Blood On The Tracks
Led Zeppelin-Physical Graffiti
Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon
the beatles, white album -sides 3/4 (from the mfsl box)

paul simon, graceland (japanese)

csn&y, deja vu (mfsl)

all on irreplaceable vinyl.

CFB-no Dylan!!!AAAaaaaaarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ben: ok, ok, you're right. cross out the csn&y and put me down for:

bob dylan, "slow train comin'"

i would have picked "blood on the tracks" but figure i could listen to your copy. (i assume you have a white label, promo lp, no?) :o)

This thread is premised on an absolutely evil thought. But I will offer 3:

1. Barbara Keith, eponymous lp on Warner ca 1972, avalaible on a Japanese cd thru Amazon

2. Eva Cassidy, Live at Blues Alley

3. Iris Dement, Infamous Angel

If I had to clear out right now, those 3 cds are the ones I would take with me.

What an unpleasant suggestion.
Paulwp....you're right! Thanks to all that have given their three "gun-to-the-head" choices.

It is a bit of a "cheap shot" on my part. I am tired of buying "software" that I don't like. Thought that y'all might be able to make my CD/LP purchasing for 2002 a bit more accurate.

Thanks again, and best to all, Jim/whatjd

Tragically Hip "Day for Night"

Blue Rodeo "Five Days In May"

Paul Simon "Graceland"
1. Simply Classical Collection, Vol III, "Festive"
2. My Lyle Lovett cdr "Guest Pass"
3. Cantate Domino
1) Metallica "Black Album"
2) Neil Young "Harvest"
2) Pink Floyd "DSOTM"
sniff,sniff :~(
MFSL Good Bye Yellow brick road
MFSL Every Picture Tells a story
New Heavy Vinyl Physical Grafitti
Lawrence Juber - Plays the beatles
Don Ross - Passion sessions
AC/DC - Highway to hell

That should keep me on an even keel till I can rebuild my collection:^)
Hmmm...Tough one!! OK....Here goes:
1) Best of 60's/70's= Beatles- Abbey Road
2) Best of 80's= Tears For Fears- Seeds of Love
3) Best of 90's= Seal #2
TRUST ME....Listen to any of these in the sweet spot of a decent stereo and you will be in heaven!!!
Ry Cooder's JAZZ, Copland "The Music of America" Eric Kunzel and the Cincinnati, Bill Evans "Live at the Village Vangaurd".
Guess I'll go with a mix:

The Gentle Side of John Coltrane
Jennifer Warnes, The Well
Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, Dutoit-Montreal

Will you leave the wine?!

Well, right after I pick out my three favs I'm going to choose between my children too! I agree, nice to see choices, good food for thought... but this is an evil thread and despite trying, I can't answer it.

Sincerely, I remain
Perhaps Clueless is right?,,,,,,,,maybe,..."I've got to change my evil threads........baby"... Actually that sounds like more of an apparel concern. Oh well, think I'll get out that old copy of "Garden Party"...
Jim, Actually its a great thread. It's only evil to me because I can never make up my mind and I'm er...well.. clueless.

I remain
The Allman Brothers Band - The Fillmore Concerts; Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come; and, Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks.
This is a tough one. I'll stay in one genre. 1st, On The Sunny Side of the Street" Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald; 2nd, Cassandra Wilson "Blue Moon Daughter" and 3rd, Bob Marley's "Uprising"
1) Mozart Piano Concertos 20 & 27; Clifford Curzon, piano; English Chamber Orch, conducted by Benjamin Britten (yes, the composer).

2) Schubert Complete Trios; Beaux Arts Trio.

3) Wagner Siegfried Idyll; conducted by Glenn Gould (yes, the pianist). Includes excellent piano transcriptions as a bonus.

Thinking about it, it would be better to choose one of those 100+ CD box sets of everything Beethoven, etc. Counts as one pick, right??

In no particular order...

1. Wes Montgomery "Smokin' at the Half Note"
2. UFO "Lights Out"
3 Elvis Presley "The Memphis Record"

It really is tough to choose from all the good stuff in the 'ole record cabinet !
Only "three" ?$#^*&)!%
1. Patricia Barber: Café Blue

2. Dire Straits: Sultans of swing: the very best of D.S., hdcd

3. Beethoven: Symphonies 5 & 7, Carlos Kleiber, Vienna Phil. Deutsche Grammophon

los lobos/kiko, burmester/cd sampler 2, beatles/love songs(2lps from capitol records)
1 Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home
2 Joni Mithcell: Blue
3 Rickie Lee Jones: Rickie Lee Jones

Tough one. Tomorrow all 3 could change.
I'm with clueless. Clueless.
Want to thank everyone that has listed their choices. Now to find enough cash to purchase all of these over the next 6 months or so. I would guess those MFSL LP's will be impossible to find or damned expensive. Did I mention that I accept donations?
Wrayman,UFO 'lights out'?? WOW! I havent heard that in many years! I have to pick up a vinyl copy!
1. Trampoline, the Mavericks
2. In the Digital Mood, The Glenn Miller Orchestra
3. Abby Road, The Beatles
Houses of the Holy, Wish You Were Here and Surfin' with the Alien. Ask me again tomorrow and I'll say Kiss My Ax, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Beggers Banquet. Ask me again the next day and I'll say...
The first two are easy:
1. Bach: Goldberg Variations
2. Mahler: 9th
The third is a tough one, maybe something non-classical:
3. Coltrane: My Favorite Things
...so many more come to mind.
By the time I could decide on that third one, they'd probably shoot me.
Hi David99,
LOVE "Lights Out", great album! Seen the vinyl around for $5 Canadian, or about $3 U.S. Haven't played it in quite a while, I think I'll dig it out tonight...
Bob Dylan...John Wesley Harding

Tanita Tikaram...Lovers in the City

Gladiator...Soundtrack with Lisa Gerrard
Schubert Quintet in C-sharp, RCA SD
Ella Fitzgerald, Clap hands, here comes Charlie, VERVE
Dizzie Gillespie, Swing low sweet Cadillac, Impulse
ALL VINYL (but only for this second, in the meantime the selection has already changed)
My wife recent asked me for 10, and had to stop me when I reached 15, but here goes:

1. John Williams: Bach's Lute Music. To remind me of the instrument I used to play, and because it's Bach.

2. Kind of Blue. Yeah, too easy, but the combination of Davis and Evans is irresistible.

3. Blonde on Blonde. Very tough call, but it's a double album, and every minute of music counts in this miserable alternative universe you've created for us!
Very Easy:

1. Emerson String Quartet, Schubert's 13th/14th String Quartets (Disc 1 of a 3 disc set)

2. Raphael String Ensemble, Brahm's String Sextets

3. Kim Kaskashian, Brahm's late Viola sonatas

This last one is a keeper and a sleeper. For those who do not know Kim's work, one of the most romantic styled viola players I have ever heard. Superb tone and inflection, strong without being overpowering. Emotive without being weepy.
If catastrophe struck today, I'd take The Band - The Band; Willie Nelson - Redheaded Stranger; and one of my Lester Young albums (let me see which has the most Billie Holiday sessions on it, heh heh). By the way, none of these has great sound quality, so they should sound fine through the cactus needle - conch shell system I'd have to rig up.
Quator Mosaique- Haydn Quartets Op. 76
Miles- Kind if Blue- Dbl LP
Tragically Hip- Live Between Us
I'm in the endstages of divorce so I've had recent practice at this. Hypothetical's more fun :-)
I would keep 1)Holst's the planets, 2)Ben Harper's Fight for your mind, 3)Miles Davis Walkin'. This way I have one cd from each of my three favorite forms of music.
Judging from the desert island selections showing up here it makes me wonder if this an audiophile forum.

Like computers, your system's sound is subject to 'garbage in, garbage out'.

Usually the so called cream source material is at best mid-fi.While true hi-fi is rare indeed.

If the criteria here included not being able to keep your system, but instead being issued a walkman, then OK. The production quality of the source material doesn't matter either.

I would rather see an effort made to gain self knowledge in the psycho-acoustic phenomenon, and all self respecting audiophiles exercise their ears to discern how real, or distorted, the sound of an individual instrument, or voice is reproduced in the source material they buy before judging the system, or its individual components.

If the terrible quality of CD's didn't sell effortlessly, some attention might be paid to the accuracy of their reproduction.

It will take some serious market forces to cause the studios to not 'improve' the music with mixers they spent a couple hundred thousand dollars on. They end up accomplishing a 'sound' that is quite different and apart from the artists intention, or the sound of their instruments and voices live.

Of course then the artist does not matter so much, apart from their appearance for tour, videos, and media appearance.They become a necessary component to the mixing equipment and the direction of the mad scientist engineer.

If we do not do it, who will. And it looks here like we are not that concerned either.
"Choosing Civility" by P.M. Forni, is a book worth a look.

1. Beatles- Abbey Road
2. Steely Dan- Aja
3. Pink Floyd- Animals
Alternate: something by Roy Orbison
Dylan, Blond on Blond; The Beatles, White Album, Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper, Super Session.
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Joni Mitchell - Blue
Springsteen - Born to Run