I'm Looking for some great electronic music

I realize most modern music has some sort of electronicly produced sounds but the other day I played an old CD I have called "Windham Hill Chill". The First song on disc one is a high quality recording by The Paul Schwartz Project. It is a beautiful electronic composition that I find astounding.

Before improving some of my components I had never really heard all the layering, texture, unusual tones and deep thunderous bass lines. Wow!

Now I'd like to find some more quality music like this.
Does anyone have favorites they'd like to recommend?
Some Ambient music is O.K. as long as it isn't sleep inducing.
There is lots of, IMO, great electronic music. Some of my favorite bands that always seem to get it right:

Amon Tobin
Daft Punk
St. Germain
John Digweed
Kruder & Dorfmeister
The Crystal Method
Steve Lawler
Massive Attack
Loop Guru

If you are only now discovering this genre, you are going to have a great time. There is some crap out there too but you know how that goes. Arthur
Autechre, apphex twin and deep dish

Thats it

You might find this site interesting. It's basically a family tree of electronic music, what lead to what and so forth.
Carefull, though, you may easily waste a whole day.....

Infected Mushroom, The Orb, Future Sound of London, Shpongle, Hooverphonic are all worth a look.
"To Rococo Rot", "Afro Celt Sound System".
Not to pick a fight, but I'm not sure if anyone who has responded so far has actually listened to Paul Schwartz. At least IMO the artists mentioned are not that close to Paul Schwartz. I have 3 of his releases: Aria I, Aria II and State of Grace II.

Some other artists that I like in this vein are:

Enigma and Dead Can Dance

Best bet is to go to Amazon or Tower and listen to some samples.
Can you be more specific? are you looking for something chilled? Cafe del Mar has some great compilations: vol 7 is pretty good.

Some of my favorite chilling grooves:

Nightmares on Wax: "Smoker's delight" and "Carboot soul" only


Sven Van Hees

Sigur Ros

Zero 7

The Orb - Check out a song called "A huge evergrowing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld"
Do a search for Tonto Rides Again if you want the grand daddy of them all. There may be a download available of this rare and out of print CD.
afro celt sound system is killer.

sounds from the dearts of space is a NPR program that does electronic (though more atmospheric type) that is cool to listen to that may give you ideas. Tends to be found in sunday night late time slots. have a web site as well
try Mars Lasar..Kharma,Eleventh Hour.great music recorded very well...
While you're typing on Audiogon listen to www.MinistryofSound.com, I also rec. their DJ and chill compilations
I really like 'The Gentle People' terrific music that has a lot of synth and vocal and bass TONS of bass. Very fun and nice.
Tangerine Dream/Stratosfear and many of their albums from that era. Also, Ashra/New Age of Earth and Blackouts. Don't forget Klaus Schulze. Oh yeah, I love Afocelt also but I think they are more Techno with Celtic overtones.

All the others plus:

Walter/Wendy Carlos
Vangelis (get the BladeRunner Soundtrack!)
Jan Hammer - "The First Seven Days" (incredible!)
Jean Michel Jarre
Isao Tomita
T.O.N.T.O. (The Original New Timbral Orchestra)
Mike Oldfield
Depeche Mode - (the early stuff)
Torch Song ("Mothdoom Ecstasy" is my favorite!) vinyl only (unless you are lucky and have the Japan "Wish Thing" CD or certain compilations)
Gary Numan ("Down in the Park" is my favorite)
Thomas Dolby
Yaz (Yazoo)
Fad Gadget
Lauri Anderson
Cabaret Voltaire
NIN (Nine Inch Nails)
The Art of Noise
Propellerheads - "Decksanddrumsandrocknroll"
Brian Eno
Weather Report
Mahavishnu Orchestra
King Crimson
Pink Floyd
ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)

etc, etc, etc...

Not all of the above artists are totally electronic but contain a good deal of the "electronic sound".

Check out Electronic Music at Wikipedia for more information and links.

For free downloads, check out Open Source Audio and do a search under "electronic". You may find something you like!
You may want to try a band called Synergy. I highly recoment the cd entitled Chords. Let me know what you think.
R_Burke thanks. I should look up some more of Paul Schwartz's stuff. I like how he seems to mix real instruments in the recording , it is sort of a symphonic piece yet highly progressive for the time period.
Wow! So many replies ..thanks everyone, I am going to be busy checking out samples.
The original: Switched-on Bach
Try to check out the following:
Synergy, as mentioned by Ghost_rider, is fabulous but not actually a band; it's one guy - Larry Fast. He's a synthesizer genius and has played with some of the greats: Nektar, Peter Gabriel, Tony Levin. For more details about his music and projects, see his Web site:

Do a search for 'Hearts of Space'. I live in the Bay area. One late night 30 years ago I discoved a radio program called "Music From The Hearts of Space". It was 3 hours of commercial free 'Space' music, a term coined by the producer of the show. The music was by no means all electronic It was a great show and I was into collecting for a while. Over the decades it has evolved into a one hour syndicated NPR program. I haven't listened in years. Perhaps you can find it in your area.
Suba "Sao Paolo Confesions"
hi shoe ~ i listened to alot of electronic music, my list below consist of what
i am currently listening to at the moment. if you live in the san francisco
bay area sent me a e-mail so i can send you a few of my compilations
(compiled in i-tune).

verved remixed - number 1 to 3 (1 is my favorite) v/a
hotel costes - (dj mixed) volume 1 to 8) v/a try number 3 first
jazzanova - too many to lists
boozoo bajou - remixed v/a
terry's cafe - (dj mixed) volume 1 to 8 (tech house) v/a
bebel gilberto - remixed
monte la rue - brilliant (he has several cd's out ie:
interludia, latin deluxe, and monte la rue presents deluxe series. v/a
tosca - suzuki in dub (my favorite tosca cd)
club sodade - cesaria evora (old classics remixed by various dj's, artists etc.)
mo horizons' - and the new bohemian freedom (bossanova, brazilian flavor)
late nite reworks (remixes by buscemi) v/a bossanova, brazilian flavor
everything but the girl - ten years of remixes
chill out cafe - volume nove (irma records) v/a
cielo - cloud nine dj. mixed (house) v/a
koop - waltz for koop alternative takes
trio electrico - echo parcours
paris under a groove - v/a
kenny dope presents - brazilika v/a old school brazilian uptempo
impulsive - revolutionary jazz reworks v/a (same concept as the verved remixed series) v/a
roy ayers virgin ubiquite remixed v/a
brazilution - series v/a (brazilian with electronic flavor)
brazilectro - series v/a (same as above)

that's if for know, let me know if you decide to pick up any of the above
and let me know what you think.

One of my favorite bands:

Global Communication- they did three albums that got issued on LP. Any one of them is well worth while. The middle LP got our Bass of the Year Award for 1995.

There was a band called Mystical Experiences that did an LP about 10 years ago that is amazing! Plenty of bass in this one too- I use it as a bass demo at shows.

Symbiosis on the Hardkiss label did a fun album called Numinous.

And I don't see anyone mentioning Biosphere yet. Did anyone mention Tosca?

One of Vangelis' LPs that is almost unknown also got our Bass of the Year Award for 1992- the soundtrck for 1492. Probably his best work so far.

In any case it is well worthwhile to find this stuff on LP if you can!
I love Global Communication! They are by far one of my favorite electronic acts. The album 76:14 is simply perfect. All you old-schoolers who dig Tangerine Dream, Jarre, Vangelis, etc. should jump on this album.