HiDef streaming troubles

Anybody have trouble streaming hi-def? For me, streaming HiDef from both Qobuz and Primephonic is iffy at best, and it's getting worse by the day. I can stream CD quality with no issues but when I try to go above it, more often than not I just get silence, even though the worm does crawl happily across the screen.  As of today, my luck has gone from 50% to a solid Zero. Anybody have this trouble? Qobuz denies any problem with their transmission.  Quobuz declared my streaming ability fine, as well. Mytek checked out my Brooklyn BB and said it ran perfectly. I stream via Ethernet, too, not that who-knows-what WiFi stuff.
I haven't noticed any difference via 5 different streamers. Reboot modem, then router(s), then streamer.   
Good luck.
It sounds like your download speeds aren't up to snuff.
Have you tried https://www.speedtest.net/?

+1 for rebooting your router.
As was posted above, power down your router and modem for 2 minutes. This means unplug them from the power and remove batteries, if any.

Also, power down your music server for 2 minutes and try again. 

Please report what happens. Turn modem on first and then your router.

+1 on running the speed test to confirm your line speed is okay. It is possible your Internet cable signal is out of range. I had this issue and the ISP Tech has to adjust their signal.
One more comment. How old is your router?  I had streaming issues because my router was dropping packets.  It was a known router issue with no fix so I purchased the LUXUL 3100 router.  
Internet speed is currently 170 with Primephonic streaming CD quality. I am 5G. Yes, my Qobuz setting is 24/192kHz.  I'll give the rebooting a try. Thanks guys! I'll thank you even more when I'm High Deafen-ing again...
@edcyn, Please also update the firmware in your router and Extender, if you have one.   
I just rebooted both the router and the Mytek BB streamer. No luck. I can't get higher than CD quality on Qobuz.
As stated have you checked your plan? I have a mesh system and often rebooting the node works wonders.

As was posted above, I also have the same question:

As per the Qobuz website, How do I experience Qobuz Hi-Res on my streamer?

“We remind you that a Studio Premier or Studio Sublime subscription is required to enjoy this streaming quality, and that the Hi-Res option must be selected in the settings of your Qobuz application”.


I've had Studio since Day 1.  As far as I know, the Hi-Res option has been selected since Day 1, as well. For a good year I was getting Hi-Res via my Mytek BB whenever it was offered. It's only in the past couple months that my Hi-Res ability has been iffy. I will also check if I have actually selected Hi-Res in my Qobuz App, but then again do I actually have a Qobuz App? I received a desktop icon from Qobuz several months ago, but it never worked. Because of this I've simply been accessing their web player. Worked well, too.  Until lately.
Whenever I communicate with Qobuz, Qobuz rep Sebastian(?) always assures me that I should be...and am enjoying Hi-Res. In other words, I'm at a loss here.  Hi-Res has also seemed to disappear from my Primephonic subscription. Now it's only once in a blue moon that I can stream in hi-rez.
As I understand, you have a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge streamer that is connected by Ethernet to your router, and you control it through a phone app. Try other configurations and see if it makes any difference. Try connecting over WiFi instead of Ethernet. Also try the Mytek as a DAC only, connected by USB to a computer running the Qobuz app.
Yes, there is a Qobuz app that you install on your device.

I use Android and I have a Qobuz app and BluOs for my Bluesound. When I hold down the Qobuz icon it says "App Info" and I can click on it.

Maybe uninstall the app, then install it again?

@edcyn, As per your post, "It’s only in the past couple months that my Hi-Res ability has been iffy". 

This means it was recently streaming hi-res and now it is not. Have there been any changes made to your system in the last few months? Are all your settings in ALL devices set correctly? Have there been any software or firmware upgrades that might have reset some settings? Please double check your DAC and ensure all cables are okay and so are settings.

I believe you said the h-res steaming was an issue for BOTH Qobuz and Primephonic. This probably means these streaming services are okay and the issue is your configuration, etc. As I posted above, please also update the firmware in your router and Extender, if you have one.

If you continue to have these hi-res steaming issues, please list you hardware and software. I am running out of suggestions and am hoping someone else can find the issue.

BTW, it might be something ’obvious’, so please review everything again (sorry). For example, could it be a hand-shaking issue between your streamer and DAC. Please reboot these devices in a different order than before (maybe DAC first and then the streamer, etc.).

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I've tried them all, but ya' never know. BTW, I have not made a single change to my set-up since before the troubles began. Yeah, maybe a cable switch. Yes, my Windows laptop is always updating itself. And, apparently no matter what, my Mytek never tells me my streaming rate is anything else than 32 bit, 44.1k. 

Hgeifman -- my Brooklyn Bridge is both streamer and dac, so it's pretty impossible to unplug-replug just one of 'em. I also have no idea what particular version of software I'm using. How do I ascertain what I got? Right now, only the Brooklyn Bridge is connected to the router via ethernet. Should I try to connect my laptop/controller via ethernet as well?  

@edcyn, Sorry, I am out of suggestions.  

I am not familiar with the Brooklyn Bridge. I suggest you connect your laptop using an Ethernet connection and see what happens.  If Qobuz is running on your laptop, you definitely want to use an Ethernet connection for the best sound quality. 
@edcyn, I thought about your Hi-Res steaming issues and am out of suggestions.   None of the suggestions I made worked.   It bothers me that its "only in the past couple months that your Hi-Res ability has been iffy".   I wonder if it could be your Internet connection.  

For example, I was having poor quality streaming issues and called my Internet Service Provider (ISP).  They said the cable signal strength coming into my modem was INCORRECT (out of range) and scheduled a service call.   The ISP Maintenance Tech adjusted the signal strength for their switching components carrying the cable signal to my home.  He also adjusted the outside signal amplifier.  These adjustments solved my streaming issues.   

I hope someone else on this forum can offer assistance.   Please keep us posted.  

@edcyn, If you are still experiencing Hi-Res Streaming issues, you might need to call your ISP for assistance.  If needed, you might ask the ISP Customer Support person to check the cable signal strength coming into your modem to help troubleshoot the issue.

I also upgraded my ISP cable speed from 100Mbps to 250Mbps and have had no problems with QoBuz Streaming.  I cannot prove this, but I wonder if your Router has issues handling the streaming speed used by QoBuz.  For example, I had a router that was dropping packets and the vendor was working on it with no current solution.  

Successful QoBuz H-Res Streaming REQUIRES all your devices that connect to the Internet to be working perfectly.  This includes the router, switch boxes, modems and the ISP connection (junction boxes, amplifiers, etc.).  For example, my ISP switch box connection on the street was corroded and needed replacement.      

It seems, unfortunately, I have had issues with most everything down stream.  

My telephone/internet service provider had me turn everything off, disconnect/unplug everything, and then connect/switch it all on again. Didn't work. When I phoned the telephone company and told them their suggestions did not solve anything (yes, I still get excellent telephone & internet service), they ran (at least supposedly) a full test of my service from their end. Nothin' wrong from this side! Heh, heh....  I guess that when it comes to streaming I'll just have to be an mp3 mid-fi guy. At least it'll be a bit cheaper.
@edcyn, Since your ISP confirmed your Internet connection is working, I suggest you start over and document everything.

I suggest you post the issue again on Audiogon including all the details.   When was the Hi-Res streaming working and when did it stop?   What exactly does stop mean?  Please define the exact steaming issue and what you are, or are not, hearing.   Does it happen all the time or at certain times?   Please include the streaming hardware you are using inclining the ISP name, the router, the server, DAC and all associated software.  Please include any other information you think might be helpful.  For example, does your DAC display the streaming rate (24/192)?   

I hope that someone on Audiogon and can review the above and determine the source of the streaming issue.   It might be some setting you are missing or who knows what.   You might also consider calling the retailer where you purchased this equipment and ask for their opinion.    I also suggest you call the Brooklyn Bridge Company and ask them.

Your hi-res streaming has to work (please, do not give up)!!  We have to find out why it is not.    Please keep us posted.

Does anyone on Audiogon have any suggestions?  What are we missing?   Thanks.   
I just recalled an issue I had with Verizon Fios a couple of years ago.
My internet would just drop without warning, intermittently.
They came and swapped out equipment, cabling for almost a year, until one service tech remembered another customer with the same issue.
It turned out there was something at the Verizon hub that needed to be reset.
If possible, try to talk to customer service and see if they can look deeper into the system.
Are you by any chance Bluetooth-ing from the phone Qobuz app to the Brooklyn Bridge? If you don’t have Roon you would at the least need a control app like the MConnect on your phone. This is for the for the Bridge to talk to Qobuz, which then gets the higher resolution files. 
At the moment the circuit breaker to my dedicated stereo room has gone belly up. I could run a big fat extension cord into the room but I'm trying to macho it out. My electrician will try to come by. He also continually makes rude remarks about the fragile circuit breakers he must now use to adhere to code. He knew from the first moment which 'breaker went south.  I'm keeping sane by playing my various acoustic instruments.  I'm just like the Grateful Dead were at one point in the early 1970's. Hey man, I'm totally unplugged!
@edcyn, Did you get your circuit breaker repaired?  What is the status of your HiDef streaming issues?    

Your hi-res streaming has to work (please, please do not give up)!!  We have to find out why it is not.    Please keep us posted. 

Yeah, my electrician came by and inserted a breaker that works. And at this moment, at least, I'm livin' large. I'm listening to a Qubuz Hi-Res(!) stream of a supremely well-recorded, lovely performance of the obscure early 20th Century French light opera, "O mon bel inconu." I didn't search it out, either. Qobuz simply put it on their home page as click bait for connoisioureeez.