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Sonics of Streaming
Streamers don’t all sound the same for the same reason that all DACs don’t sound the same. They’re still processing the digital signal, and slight differences in circuitry and components lead to slight differences in sound.  
Do you need a Roon Ready device to stream Roon?
You can use the Nucleus as both the Roon Core and a streamer too. Digital out from Nucleus will be compatible with any DAC 
Mac or Bluesound Node2i
You probably won’t like my first recommendation, but I’d suggest dumping Apple Music for either Tidal or Qobuz, hi-res vs 256k bitrate. When I started my streaming journey I started with a MacBook Pro running Audirvana. Briefly tried the Node2i bu... 
Opinion: of the Hi-Res streaming services out there, which do you use and why?
Started with Tidal because initially that’s all there really was if you wanted hi-res. Once Qobuz became available I added it to compare to Tidal. Eventually dropped Tidal because I thought Qobuz sounded better. Briefly tried Amazon but didn’t get... 
Coax cable: Bluesound Node 2i to Chord Hugo 2
I believe the Hugo requires a 3.5mm mini plug. You’re either going to need an adapter, or a new purpose built cable. 
Looking for new streaming service. Some unusual requirements.
Qobuz will allow you to select streaming quality anywhere from hi res down to 320k mp3. 
iPad Mini as control device for network player
I’ve used my Mini for Audirvana, Bel Canto Seek app, and Roon with no issues or complaints whatsoever. 
Stereo Times list of the " 2020 MOST WANTED COMPONENTS"
The only thing that piqued my interest (and didn't break the bank) were the Spatial Audio open baffle speakers. 
A DAC to help overcome compressed music?
You’re discovering an unintended consequence of having an upgraded, and revealing, audio system. The higher up the audio food chain you go, the more likely you are to notice that some recordings just sound bad. If you were to upgrade your DAC you ... 
Not in love with my system yet. Help!
Speaker level connection for REL subwoofers isn’t set in stone. My 2 channel system is powered by an Anthem STR integrated amp. I have my 2 T5’s hooked up to the subwoofer outputs on the amp so that I can take advantage of room correction. You als... 
Not in love with my system yet. Help!
REL’s are generally pretty easy to get dialed in. If you’re trying to do double duty with them, that is using them for both home theater and for 2 channel, that may be your problem. What you want out of a sub for HT is different than for music. Wi... 
Better sounding alternatives to Blue Node Vault 2i
Why not just re-rip them on your pc and then put them on a NAS. 
Not in love with my system yet. Help!
How do you have the REL’s connected?  
Levinson 585 and MQA
No experience with the 585, but I will say I much prefer Qobuz hi res over Tidal MQA. 
Need Help- Bel Canto 2.7 or Chord Hugo 2 for Desktop setup
I eventually went from a MacBook Pro running Audirvana to the Bel Canto eOne Stream feeding a W4S DAC and couldn’t be happier.