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A step to the side- Smart TV question
Regarding the “smart” features, I strongly suggest not using the built-in apps and instead get an external box such as Apple TV, Roku, etc.    
What Cartridge Manufacturers Will Retip Their Moving Coil Cartridges For A Fee?
Van den Hul.  
Panasonic Plasma
Unless you’re able to get them for a very good price I’d stay clear.  
Need Help Matching to This System To Speakers
Once you decide on your speakers do yourself a favor and get a pair of subwoofers, rather than a single subwoofer. That size room I’d be inclined towards a pair of the REL T-7’s.  
Will a wireless streamer add problems to a signal coming out of a computers USB output?
Can you elaborate more about your streamer?  
H E L P !! Network issues with Teac NT 505?
I suggest upgrading your WiFi to some type of mesh system that will allow you to have a node located near the Teac, this will allow you to then connect the 505 via Ethernet.  
Powered speakers for a turntable
I’d still consider a small form factor amp and passive speakers. This combo is going to give you WAY more options for speakers. Powered speakers are going to have their own set of issues to deal with. Your going to need a power source for each spe... 
Why are there so few BNC cables to choose from
I would think a lot of it has to do with the fact that BNC connections haven’t been widely adopted by the manufacturers, therefore not a huge market for cables.  
What's All The Fuss And Big Deal About Roon About Roon Being A Must-Have??
I like the UI of Roon and all it can do, but for me the best part for me is Roon Radio.    
Upgrade advice (dac, streamer, other)?
If you’re happy with Bel Canto I heartily recommend their e.One Stream, pair it with your upgraded DAC3 and you’d be golden.  
Speaker for ambient music in large room with vaulted ceilings?
My experience with Roon Hardware
I think your best option for Roon support is to post in their forum.  
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
I think you’ll like the e.One Stream, I certainly like mine. The Seek app isn’t bad, but I much prefer the ui of Roon, and the Stream is a Roon endpoint and setup is a breeze. I’m pairing mine with a W4S DAC and couldn’t be happier with the sound.... 
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
Since you’re mostly Bel Canto I’m going to recommend the e.One Stream. I’ve got one paired with a W4S DAC and couldn’t be happier. Head and shoulders above the Node.  
Philharmonic Audio BMR Towers
Try posting over at avsforums, they have a pretty active Philharmonic Audio thread in their speaker forum.