has anyone tried ultrabit platinum on their cds

absolute sound this month raves about the ultrabit platinum fluid application onto cds. Has anyone tried this? I find it hard to believe that if your cd lens is clean and your cds are not scratched that this would have an impact other than subjectively wanting to hear it for the $75 this product costs.

Be careful it only works in combination with a tourmaline hair dryer ;-) just kidding.
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Mmmm... not the same stuff as you are describing. If disc cleaning is all you're after, well, then just use windex (I don't believe you should, I am just joking here!).

I have yet to try this one. However, I have used L'Art Du Son CD treatment and Optrix as well as others eons ago. L'Art Du Son is superb. There is an immediate and definite improvemment in all areas of sonic playback. Far more "natural" sounding, far more open and dimensional soundstage, improvements in macro and micro dynamic shading, better and more stable imaging, better balance from top to bottom, much less digital glare and grunge (hash, grain), smoother, sweeter, etc.

I can only expect UBP would be fairly the same result. However, there are other optic improvers out on the market. Each does do slightly different sonic changes to the sound. How or why it works is beyond my understanding. All I know is, the playing side of the disc is definitely more clear, clean with "see through" to the aluminum or gold surface.
Another vote for L'Art du Son. It removes any "digititis" on CD's and makes them sound eminently natural and rich. It really is magical stuff, and I was an avowed skeptic before using it. FWIW, I think its a Harry Pearson favorite as well.

I have recently bought the "magic stuff". Having a very high resolution playback system, I can hear both minor and major changes in sources, components, tweaks, etc. This solution is definitely not "snake oil." The sonic changes that I have appreciated in the discs treated so far are greater openness and detail retrieval. If this is the result of better optic coupling, so be it. I have not tried L'Art du Son but I am certain that if it achieves improvements it must be due to the same phenomenon, ie, improving the laser read of the stored information.
Alright, 65 clams is expensive (4 or 5 cds). But at a cost of 10 cents per disc, this is not a big deal.
I have used both optrix and now, the Ultrabit Premium. Just got it yesterday, and my reaction is the same as described by Oddeophile. I didn't seem to get much improvement, if any, with the Optrix, but the UBP is for real.
Thanks everyone for posting. I was just wondering tonight if this stuff was worth a try, searched and here you were!
The price is $65 not $75 and there's a money back guaranty that includes shipping both ways plus $5, so if you don't like it you've made $5 just for trying it. But you'd know that if you went to the website www.UltraBitPlatinum.com.

Happy testing and listening,

George S. Louis, CEO
Digital Systems & Solutions
George, I just got the ultra bit and am listening to Kind of blue as I write this, and I gotta say, WOW!

I'm not on my main rig (listening to my office rig) and it's more musical, sound stage is much taller ad instruments just pop from the thier proper places.

I'm very impressed by the very significent improvement.

Thanks for an awesome product.
WARNING. RE "Elizabeths" comments above!!
Mequiars Scratch X will SCRATCH the surface it is used on. I have used it in automotive polishing.
It works to remove obvious scratches by its abrasive(polishing) action. In the automotive business it is called a polishing compound-all of which work by abrasive action. It is NOT similar to Ultrabit Platinum-which is not an abrasive.
I enjoy this forum & appreciate everyones right to their opinion and have nothing against Elizabeth and I'm not questioning her enjoyment of the product; however, as always, not everyone's suggestion is appropriate. The swirl marks resulting from a "polishing compound will NOT help the laser read the disc. We're talking apples & oranges.
Happy listening as always. pete
I’ve been using Ultrabit religiously for about six months now. The blue velvet pouch (nice WAF touch) supplied with Ultrabit is a permanent fixture on my home office desk. What really convinced me this stuff was magic was when I dragged out CD’s that were banished to “really bad sound quality” shelf on my Boltz CD rack. For example, the CD by the Subdudes… titled “Street Symphony”… is IMHO absolutely great rock & roll. Maybe I got a “bad copy”, but the sound quality wasn’t good. I took it out and hit it a couple of times with the Ultrabit… and WOW.
Not for that price,forget it,cd clarity from stereo dave is more then good enough.
Talking about price
--Ultrabit Platinum is an utter "SteaL".
It improves CD sound of my Lexicon RT-20 by the equivalent of a component upgrade. It is like having an additional exquisite AC power filter in my system(Spectral/MIT). As my Russian friends say "cheap like Borscht". Perhaps low resolution systems may not benefit,that I just don't know; but for high resolution systems-and particularly large dynamic orchestral works-it really clarifies much of the complex intense dynamic passages which certainly increases my enjoyment significantly. Cheers.
Psacanli- That's the biggest benefit that I noticed with the UBP: Much better focus between voices(instrument or vocal). Further- Many of the DVDs that I rent from the local video place are quite damaged, and lock up, go mosaic or skip to the next chapter(especially after they subject it to their "disc repair machine"). After applying UBP, 98% of them play just fine, and the picture quality improves as well. I hate having to use it that way, but it does save me a trip back to the store. The stuff is MOST DEFINATELY an effective way to greatly improve our digital source material. As you mentioned: The only caveat would be that the rest of one's system needs to be resolving to start with.
I have been using it on my main rig now for almost two weeks and am very taken back by what it does. Larger soundstage and better focus, and seems like more resolution (not to sound like the reviews, but...). At first I didn't think I would use it on every disc due to the time but now I use it every time I play a cd. I use the Bendini after the Ultra Bit. It has so widened the gap between my SB3/Benchmark and Esoteric. Its a must have.
Flute concertos benefit beautifully from Ultrabit Platinum with far greater presence and subtle vibrato.
I got the UBP (couldn't order it without the cleaner on the web site) for $82. a few days ago and tried it on a few CDs that were in my 'Sound lousy" pile. I wasn't expecting much but they sounded like totally different CD's - more detail retrieval, bigger soundstage and much more pleasant to listen to.

Encouraged, I then put it on 1 of my favorite CDs and again enjoyed even better imaging and air around the instruments as well as a more natural/"you are there" sound. If I hadn't heard it, I wouldn't have believed this could happen with ANY type of liquid treatment. I've just finished treating my top 35 CDs in current rotation and can't wait to hear them now. My system is very resolving and this will make waiting for my DAC to be built a lot more pleasant.
Uh oh Harve! What DAC did you end up going with?

(P.S. Long time user and lover of UltraBit here...)
Fplanner2000... From my above thread, you'll see that I had the same experience that you did with my lousy sounding CD's.

To add to that, I'm a NetFlex subscriber, and while they all play, some of them aren't exactly in great condition when they arrive. I typically give them a cursory cleaning. Last night before watching "Iron Man" (great movie by the way) I had the bright idea to clean and polish with Ultrabit... ... ... and bingo... IMHO the Ultrabit improved the picture quality.

By the way, to get rid of the fussy stuff that the yellow towels leave on the CD's, I first hand washed them, and dried them in the cloths dryer... no more fussy stuff.
I tried it long ago. I still use some of George's old cleaner, but did not like the UltraBit.

The best product I have tried is Lloyd Walker's Ultra-Vivid. But since I now put my cds on a music server and find no difference in doing so between cleaned and uncleaned discs, I only clean new sacds. I do find massive differences in ripping between AVM spray painted cds and non-spray painted discs and when using the Millennium cd mat especially with both. FIM will soon have UltraDiscs, which will have the AVM paint plus other treatments.
Fplanner2000, your description of benefits is very apt. This certainly an item it's nice to share the "surprisingly" good news on.
Fplanner, you mentioned having to buy the cleaner with the treatment. I have found this quite sensible as I note excellent benefit from the cleaner omly on CDs that I have already cleaned in my previous way-which was using the cleaner for my prescription glasses with coated lens, followed by a filtered water rinse. The treatment simply adds to the cleaner.
I scrapped the included yellow cloths (they leftdebris even after a couple of washes) for MicroTex micro-fiber cloths I got at AutoZone, no muss no fuss and works great....
I have been reading this thread, I will pick up this cleaner and give it a try...
I agree. Threw away the yellow cloths and use microfiber cloths I bought at Target and Costco. Called George Louis and recommended this to him. Don