good silver IC's to audition?

i have a tried a bunch'o'copper ICs and one mid-priced silver plated copper. i preferred the latter...just seemed to provide more air and detail in my system, though possibly at the expense of bass impact.

i'd like to try some good pure silver ICs. acoustic zen silver reference is on the list. any others? thanks.
whoops, forgot to mention my system configuration:

meridian 508.24
meridian 502 preamp
BAT vk-75
avalon arcus speakers
speaker wire is copper (don't remember what type)

all of the front-end components are fully balanced so i'd like to stay with XLR connections. thanks. has a 30 day trial on the silver lace. Nice for the $$$.
Kimber KCAG is very good, and reasonable on the used market. There are a lot of lesser known ones out there, too, that have gotten a lot of good buzz in these forums and aren't priced astronomically. And if cost is no object, yes, the Siltech G5 is as good as they say.
I would also add to the list: Silver Audio and Bear Labs Silver lightning.
I'd add Silversmith to the list.
I use Synergistic Research Reference MKII IC's (XLR). I haven't heard Anything that Sounds Better than these ( Open,Detail,and Transparency)- SEE November Stereophile Review on Synergistic Cables (HIGHLY PRAISED). ALL their Cables are HAND MADE also.
The Analysis Plus Silver Oval or the new one w/silver and copper are definitely worth checking out. Analysis Plus is a great, inexpensive line of cables and interconnects and power cords. Also, the Alpha Core Silver Sapphire is available used at really good prices.
I agree with you that silver interconnects do sometimes give up some bass response in exchange for more "air" and clarity at the top end, but I like silver interconnects despite that fact. I would recommend the Silver Bullet 4.0's and the Kimber Select 1030. Neither of the foregoing is balanced, but the Kimber Select 1130 is balanced and all silver, I just have not tried it. The Kimber 1030's are amazingly smooth and crystal clear. They are my reference interconnect. Piano keys and cymbals sound absolutely accurate, but not harsh. It is also great for vocals, revealing the artist's true range. The bass is not lacking either, although other copper-based cables will give you some more warmth and bass at the expense of clarity at the top. I also tried the Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway Mk II (combination copper/silver). While it is very good, I feel that it collapsed the soundstage somewhat as compared to the Kimber 1030. The Kimber 1030 is outstanding at layering the different instruments to help you place them in the soundstage. Make sure they are broken in before you judge them though. I bought mine used, but new out of the box I would imagine they sound a little harsh. Only problem is that they are very expensive. The Silver Bullets and the Pro-Silway are much less expensive, and are very good cables.
Hi, for the money and high performance as good and better than some others mentioned. Just what you describe and are looking for, try Also has the bass. The speaker cable "Octet" is also a stunner. Open smooth detailed top, good mid and surprising bass. Lets the music flow nicely. Very reasonably priced. A gem in the world of high priced cable. Yes there are better. But not close to the price. Well worth a try.
I have tried most of the cables that have been mentioned, plus a few that are very expensive and the Acoustic Zen Silver Ref beats them all in my opinion. I think you'll have to go to Siltech G5 or Nordost Vallhalla to get anything better.
I've tried a couple of cables from various manufacturers before finally settling on Granite Audio #470 interconnects with WBT topline connectors. I run them completely everywhere in my system with amazing results. I'd recommend you audition a pair, they have a money back guarantee so you basically have nothing to lose.

Good luck.
You might want to consider the Stealth M7 from Interlink House, the same company that produces the Stealth PGS! Infact, if you can try the PGS, too!
Another to consider is the Homegrown Audio SilverLace!
you owe it to yourself to try the Granite Audio #470 pure silver ics... with a 30 day rtrail -- you can not go wrong
I second the Analysis Plus silver oval
Call Bob Crump and see if you can get hold of some of his TG cables to audition. Silver, outstanding and reasonably priced. Sounded better than the AZ and HT in my system.
I'm currently using the Acoustic Zen Silver Matrix from my DAC to preamp and the Matrix Reference from the preamp to amp. I find this combo provides the fullness in the mids that is a strength of copper while also preserving the detail, air, transparency, and snap of silver. Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen says a lot of people find this to be a good combination, but I haven't tried all Silver Reference yet so can't comment there. Huge step up from the silver plated copper ICs you're probably talking about with lots more mid and bass information coming through--overall a much better balance. Of course, cables are extremely system dependent so you should obviously demo several types before you buy. Best of luck.

Try the Purenote Epsilon interconnect at

I upgraded from a HT Truthlink and am very pleased with the results.
You simply have to try the Argento Silver or the VDM. They are both made of pure silver, but the VDM has massiv damping, silver RCA og XLR plugs and a larger cross section.
I woĂșld never consider anything else.
I have had success with Musicmetre.
I second Lak on the Silver Lightnings from Bear Labs. The Silver Lightnings yield clear, transparent sound.

i third the bear labs recommendation.

Contact Richard at Vantage Audio. His website is Good Luck, :~) Doug
I would suggest the Audio Note ANVz. I've owned quite a few including the AZ Silver Ref., Siltech SQ88 G3, and AQ Diamond to name a few and the Audio Note won hands down at least in my ear and my system. Their's a certain musicality and rightness to it's sound that is very hard to explain. Emotionally engaging is probably the best way to describe it.
I have heard about the Bear Labs Silver Lightning cables but have not found a web site, email or contact number if anyone can provide this I would greatly appreciate it.

I just sold my Acoustic Zen for Kimber 1030s. I got a much more detailed and open, natural sound with the Kimber. Wasn't expecting that much of a difference. I've also owned Analysis Plus silver, which I sold for the Acoustic Zen. Zen were better. They're all good, but money talks.
I'll second (or is it third?) the recommendation to audition Silver Audio. Try Hyacinth, Jet Stream, or Appasionata. I've owned Hyacinth interconnects (balanced version) for a year, and find them smooth/liquid sounding. Took a long time to break in.

Web site is
The Audiotruth Lapis X3 or Diamond X3 are fabulous silver IC's and there are several on this site very fairly priced.(I just bought two pairs myself)