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I have to downsize big time, any ideas on integrated amps and smaller 3 way speakers
the Rogue Sphinx integrated and the KEF R-5’s ........amazing combo ...I love the sound and very easy to listen to and very easy to use ....  
The Kef R 900's are amazing ....and bass is incredable deep ..tight and clean ...midrange is superb and upper extension detailed and clear ..Huge sound stage and image is spot on ...New in box list for $5000 on sale for $3800 till end of November.... 
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
Hands down KEF reference 3 speakers are owe yourself to hear them .Call Quest For Sound 
Good Speaker within a budget of USD10,000
Hands down ..KEF Reference 3 speakers...simply amazing !  
KEF LS50... The ultimate anal-ytical speaker for living rooms?
We have a pr of B stock LS-50 factory sealed with full warranty they were used at the CEDIA show and repacked by KEF for $999.00 for the pair plus shipping ...piano black good  
"One Box Solutions" - Suggestions ?
The esoteric RZ-1 and AZ-1 are both amazing amazing ....both available at a big discount  
Best full range loudspeaker for the used price of 10 to 13,000 dollars
You owe it to yourself to hear the KEF Reference 3 far exceeds its price category it is one of the best speakers on the market By far !! 
Used Preamp on a budget advice please.
We have a Parasound P- 5 preamp .it was opened brand new and ..Parasound used it at CES Show for 4 days  then factory packed it and sold it to us as exibition stock ..comes I with full warranty ..color is black and it looks brand new .. Cost is $6... 
tube preamp repair - southern NJ / Phila. area / Wilmington, DE area
Hi I'm Stephen Monte of Quest For Sound thats ts what we specialize on is tube gear ... No problem give us a callgood ListeningstephenQuest For Sound 2307-R Bristol PikeBensalem Pa 
Please recommend preamp
Check out the Parasound P-5 ..amazing pre amp for the money in amazing dac , phono stage , bass management get in touch with us for a special price  
Need small size speakers for fireplace.
KEF LS50's ...... 
best match power amp for Acoustic Research AR 3
Check out the para sound new classic 2125 amazing amp and a great match for the AR'S,,,,,, ListeningStephenQuest for Sound 
$8k budget. Need advice.
Hiwe sold about 15 pair of the aad 2001's an if you bought them used they probably came from me ... I also own a pair of 2001 myself and like you will NEVER get rid of them ,,,This being said --I would run them (and do ) with a pair of Raysonic M-... 
CD-Receiver Recommendations
we have sold the auranote for 2 years and have never had any problems with this unit .. 
Self bias tube integrated or power amp suggestions
ahhh --you are wrong -- we warrant all our consonance product and have our own service department and we also do mods on all equipment -- and not only do Consonance but also warrant all product we sell