Gato speakers

I watched a review by Steve Gutenberg on one of the Gato integrated amps. It was a very positive review. I was looking at the Gato website and saw they also manufacture speakers. I’m considering upgrading my current speakers and I am interested in their bookshelf model FM15. Has anyone heard these speakers and if so what are your opinions? They also fall under my $2k budget.

When have you ever heard Steve Gutenberg give a review that was not very positive?
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I think these reviewers must be the luckiest people on Earth. Every single item that they review is exceptional, spectacular, groundbreaking or some other positive descriptor. How can it be that nearly everyone else has bought, demoed, or listened to a piece of equipment or music that sounded like cr@p or was less than pleasing to the ear and way overpriced compared to similar offerings that compete in the same space???  Just asking for a friend 🐍🙃
Yes positive people who manage to identify good things are a real problem.  Especially for Debbie Downers. 
With Steve Gutenberg, it gets very obvious when he is doing a review as merely an obligation (the man's gotta pay his bill too), or whether he is really excited about something. You gotta read between the lines and watch his body language.
What does that way overpriced amp have to do with the conversation?
Reviewers just have to tell it as it is. If they get excited about many products that is a good thing. Most will probably not bother to publish a bad review unless they feel that will benefit someone. Good ones stick to the facts and try to keep personal biases out of it. If it comes across as balanced and fair citing particular unique qualities, features, strengths and weaknesses that is good. Beware of shilling though. That is when everything is wonderful all the time. Red flag there.
Did I maybe hear once that in some cases when reviewers can tell early on that something sucks, they never complete the review?  That may address why some never seem to have a bad review.
I only mentioned the review because I was unaware before watching the review that there was a gato audio. While on their website I saw the speaker that I asked about in the original post. Maybe not worth pursuing if no one is familiar with them. Sorry for any confusion.
Well I do like the aesthetics of their electronics for whatever that is worth. Nice looking stuff. Danish flair...  Seem to be much better positioned in Europe than here at present FWIW.   
I agree on the aesthetics mapman.  I have been curious to hear the stuff.  Michael Kelly at Aerial Acoustics was carrying the line....not sure about still.  I believe some of the amps are Class D and some are traditional AB amplifiers.  I would be most interested in the AB stuff.  Don't know a thing about their speakers.

It was more a presentation of the speakers than an actual review.  No comparisons, how well it performs on/off axis, separation, nothing really useful.  They seem like nicely designed speakers and both standmounts are a nice size.

Until they make their way around the circuit, due to them being direct purchase in the States at least, kind of difficult to want to place an order.

If a reviewer like a British Audiophile, Thomas and Stereo or a few others I relate to could get their hands on a set, it would be an easier effort, IMO. 

If anyone who has or owned a pair can share their thoughts it would be beneficial.




Reviewers have different styles and goals. Steve isn't dissecting every aspect of a $1200 pair of speakers, that's not his MO. He thinks they are well-made, sound pretty good, and are on the warm/lush side of the spectrum. My take away: if that appeals to you, check them out.

Steve wants people to enjoy the music and enjoy the hobby. I don't think it's a surprise that Herb Reichert is his friend, and I imagine he enjoyed Sam Tellig's column back in the day. 

All small speakers sound small if that's OK with you then they appear to be a well-made small speakers. Doubt they are that much different than all the other small boxes that are sold today so I would suggest demoing a few doz in that 2k price range so you can find out for yourself. To me, the small box 2 way is a flawed design unless you have a small budget or are used in a very small space in the nearfield and are not capable of any natural scale music production and suffer from thermal compression which leads to listening fatigue after an hour or less of enthusiastic listening. Ever wonder why you are tired of listening in that time frame TC is 1 reason why. I don't have that problem in my systems and they can be used all day long.