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What type of wire for dedicated 20A AC lines?
+1 What andybflo said. I’m laughing with you. As an electrician and electronics technician(industrial controls) since 1979 there seems to be limited knowledge regarding the relationship between voltage and current flow(amperage) I=V/R and powerP=... 
How Electricity Actually Works
I’ve been in the electrical field since 1979 dealing with controls and power distribution. Do I need to replace all my Fluke test epuipment?🤓  
What do we hear when we change the direction of a wire?
Sine wave =360 degrees, single phase AC. Current changes direction at 180 degrees.  
What do we hear when we change the direction of a wire?
I’m 59 and took electronics in 1979-1980 while working as an electrical apprentice . The majority of my time has been in the industrial power systems and process/ machine controls. Conductors have free electrons, gold has more than silver, which h... 
Gato speakers
I only mentioned the review because I was unaware before watching the review that there was a gato audio. While on their website I saw the speaker that I asked about in the original post. Maybe not worth pursuing if no one is familiar with them. S... 
Visiting audio stores?
So, this thread is not about cables? 
Havel Röst , H90, Moon 240i
Sorry about the wording. I didn’t have my glasses on and the smartphone took over