Favorite Christmas Song & Album.

Tough to say one favorite Christmas son and album. Big Christmas connoisseur; have over 400 different Christmas CDs/albums. *Song-"Dominick the Donkey" by Lou Monte. *Album-Andy Williams Christmas
Gee, and I thought my wife went nuts for Christmas music... anyways, Chicago's Christmas album is one of my favorites.
"Song":The "Christmas Song" by "Chrissie Hind", Don't own it; or I could have done better on the spelling.This I hear time to time on Sat. music.Knocks me out!!"Album": The "Messiah",Hogwood version.Happy holidays everybody!!
Has to be Andy Williams and the Williams Brothers! Also my dad had a album by Stan & Doug that was hilarious!!
I've collected a dozen or so Christmas CDs by different artists over the years, but the one we keep coming back to year after year for sheer pleasure is Anne Murray's "Christmas Wishes". Originally released by Capitol records, 1981. She has a pure and beautiful voice for these traditional Christmas favorites. Highly recommended-- if still available. Cheers. Craig.
If anybody is fortunate enough to own JOHN BOSWELL FESTIVAL OF THE HEART on HEARTS OF SPACE CD, this is the ultimate in sonics.I;m very lucky to own a copy. audiophiles should seek this one .
Vince Guarldi Trio "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
For sound quality-Cante Domino on Proprius Records. Favorite cut is O Holy Night. Even though I don't understand German, it still gives me the chills. Excellent soundstaging and dimensionality. For pure fun-Manheim Steamroller Christmas. Favorite cut is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. I even use this to "show off" my system around the holidays. Also enjoy Charlie Brown Christmas and some of the Windham Hill Winter Solstice recordings. Happy Holidays to all.
ANONYMOUS 4: On Yoolis Night•Medieval Carols & Motets (Harmonia Mundi HMU 907099)
Leon Redbone or John Prine
joan baez: "noel" on vinyl. favorite song: "i wonder as i wander."
Haven't heard it for years but I have fond memories of Harry Belefonte - To Wish You a Merry Christmas. Cheers!
Spike Jones "Let's Sing a Song of Christmas" best album.
I've been listening to The Burns Sisters' "Tradition" holiday CD. GREAT 3-part harmony on some original and traditional Xmas, Hanukkah and wintry stuff. Happy Holidays, all.
John Williams - 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' - Boston Pops, aforementioned Charlie Brown, 'Merry Christmas' - Johnny Mathis, 'An Oscar Peterson Christmas'.
Christmas in the Vineyard.
My favorite has to be the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" -- powerful musically, powerful emotionally. For blues, try Blue Yule: Christmas Blues and R&B Classics. For jazz, hard to beat either Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful Christmas" or Frank Sinatra's "A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra". On the lighter/pop side, the "A Very Special Christmas" discs are not too bad. Merry Christmas, and thanks to all for the lively posts. -- Paul Danborn
Vinyl only I'm afraid but....Lou Rawls: Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho, Kenny Burrell: Have Yourself A Soulful Little Christmas, Peggy Lee: Christmas Carousel, Aretha: Blue Holiday (album cut)...CD's...Holly Cole Trio: Blue Christmas and Rhino's "Hipsters Holiday" which includes Louis Armstrong's classic "Cool Yule" and many more. Season Greetings and happy listening
Terry Bradshaw's version of, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". He could use a rug on his head too. Never the less he was a great quarterback.
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town-Bruce Springsteen and the E-street Band and I Believe In Father Christmas by Greg Lake
I strongly second Cantate Domino from the Proprius label. One of the best tips I ever recieved from the jazz professor, Sdcampbell. Thanks again. Happy New Year. Charlie
That's an easy one. Ether Emerson, Lake& Palmer's(I Believe in Father Christmas) or Nat King Cole's(A Christmas Song.
I have several "Favorite" Christmas songs but I'll pick "Carol of the Bells" by mostly anyone who sings (or plays) it. One highly unique rendition is by Wynham Marsalis, on the "Swing Into Christmas" CD. Love Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything." Also "What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas?" by the Emotions (R&B 70's girl-group). 2 albums from my childhood, "Christmas with the Norman Luboff Choir" which my Mom bought from one of those record clubs in the 60's (absolutely beautiful) and  "Merry Christmas The Supremes" original 1965 vinyl that I got for Christmas along with my first record player.
Fav Christmas CD: "Mas! A Caribbean Christmas Party", various artists.

The one and only 
All I Want for Christmas is You
(in repeat for a week or so)
Baby, please (don't) come home for Christmas.
A Charlie Brown Christmas Album, is imperative.
Moody Blues, "December".